3 Common Desires the Best Carriage Tours Fulfill

best carriage tours

When searching for the best carriage tours in Charleston SC, you probably have certain desires that you want to be fulfilled. If you’ll be riding with a group, such as your family or friends, you’ll have to cater to multiple desires to make sure everyone is happy. The best carriage tours will be able to support a variety of different interests their customers may have. Here are some common desires you should see if a horse carriage company fulfills.

Quality horse care

For those who are animal lovers, they may want to be sure that the horses are being used in a respectful manner. They might also want to know that the horses are taken care of well. Try looking for carriage companies that go into detail about their horses, which can indicate how much they care about them. Some companies will offer you a variety of details such as the age, the breed, and even the names they’ve given each of their horses. You can also ask about where the horses stay when not working, and what does the business do to make sure they’re receiving excellent treatment. All of these inquiries can help satisfy any animal lovers among your group who want to be sure that a carriage company is treating their horses well.

Interesting historical sights

Charleston was founded in 1670 and has over 300 years of fascinating history. For the history buff in your group, what may matter most to them is that they’re able to see a lot of interesting historical sites. When researching a carriage company, see what places they mention stopping at on their tours. Reading reviews is also a good way to learn about the tour stops that a horse carriage company takes. Be sure to inform your history buff companion that they shouldn’t have a specific site they hope to see, as tours are randomly chosen by a lottery system. Additionally, it’s good to know if the tour guides are well-educated on the history of the city and can offer interesting information throughout the tour. You can look again at reviews to see if customers mention being satisfied with their tour guides knowledge.


Charleston can be very hot in the summer. You or a companion may desire that you’re not sweaty and uncomfortable during a horse carriage tour. The best carriage tours will have overhead coverage on their carriages. The coverage will keep you and your group protected from the sun and feeling a little bit cooler. It’s also useful in the event that there’s light rain during the day of your ride. There are carriage tour companies that do morning and evening rides, which can be less hot than the afternoon rides.

When scheduling activities with a group, it’s important to do your best to satisfy everyone’s desires. A good horse carriage company can meet the interests of a variety of different customers. You can put together a list of your group’s interests, and research carriage companies to see which one best fulfills them.