3 Exciting Activities For The Young Horse-Lover In Your Life

classic carriage tours

Every child has a passion, and for many, it’s horses. So many children get caught up in the fantasy of owning and riding their very own horse, and even though the vast majority of parents aren’t able to simply buy their child a horse, there are countless other ways to help your child explore the joys of equestrian life. Here are just a few fun activity ideas for the young horse enthusiast in your life.

Horseback Riding
Horseback riding is one of the best activities for children; in fact, it’s probably one of the main ways children get introduced to horses. Beginners and younger children should start with a short, easy ride, and advanced riders or older children are better suited for faster and more intense rides. Never push your child to do something they aren’t comfortable with, and don’t let them take a more advanced horseback ride until you’re convinced they’re ready. Horseback riding lessons are also a fantastic way to build up your child’s skill level and confidence with riding.

Classic Carriage Tours
Horse drawn carriage rides are an exciting and novel way to allow your child to get up close and personal with horses without actually horseback riding. Charleston is just one city renowned for its classic carriage tours, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Wherever you decide to take a horse and buggy ride, your child will be mesmerized at the sight of an old fashioned horse drawn carriage, and they may even have an opportunity to pet the horses after the tour is over.

Volunteering is another great way to let your child get up close and personal with their favorite animal in a supervised environment. It may seem like horse-related volunteering opportunities are scarce, but many parents would be surprised at the demand. Alek Majtenyi writes on Noble Outfitters, “This is one of the best activities for horse lovers and your help is needed and appreciated. Local horse rescues are always seeking horse people of all ages and levels to help with their horses. Therapeutic riding centers are another great place to volunteer and help children learn the amazing healing power of the horse.”

Ultimately, keeping these suggestions in mind will help you keep the young equestrian in your life as happy as a horse! For more information about horse drawn carriages, contact Charleston Carriage Works.