A Guide on Charleston as a Vacation Destination

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A recent survey shows that 36% classify vacations as fulfilling, with 42% of the travelers feeling more romantic on vacation. These are some of the reasons why every year, American families meticulously plan their next vacation destinations.

Charleston in South Carolina serves as a perfect holiday destination. As one of America’s oldest cities, Charleston offers breathtaking sceneries rich with historical buildings and architecture. Horse tours are the best way to experience the deep history spanning over three hundred years of the ‘Holy City’s’ existence. Here are some of the ways you can explore the city:

Classic Carriage Rides

Horse rides are a popular way for travelers to experience the beauty of Charleston. The public day rides meander through 25-30 blocks of the downtown district, allowing you to learn about its history, culture, and architecture. The tours are randomized, with the routes determined by the City of Charleston. No matter what course you end up taking, you are sure to experience spectacular views and learn a lot throughout the trip.

Private Horse Tours

Are you looking for a more personalized experience of the city? A private horse ride in vis-a-vis big carriages offers small groups the chance to tour Charleston in a more intimate setting. Book a personal evening tour to see the sunset and experience the bustling nightlife come to life. The carriages allow you to relax and enjoy the incredible view of the city without disturbance.

Rich History to Explore

With the city established in 1670, Charleston’s culture has evolved over centuries. The horse tours allow you to visit different tourist sites and learn more about the city’s history and architectural attractions. The horse-drawn carriages move through over five different routes that present breathtaking experiences of the old city sceneries. The knowledgeable and experienced tour guides will make your vacation a timeless experience with their unscripted banter. Here are some tips to help make your horse tours memorable:

1. Book Ahead Of Time

Charleston carriage rides present exciting experiences for both locals and tourists. With the increasing demand for carriage tours, it’s prudent that you book your ride early enough. Most SC horse tour companies allow for online booking, which reserves a space for you and your family to enjoy a trip around the city. Besides, booking ahead will enable you to take advantage of fantastic discounts from the tour company.

2. Arrive Early

Most carriage rides operate on a strict schedule, with the start and end time remaining fixed. It would be best if you could arrive 15 minutes or more before the start of your tour. It gives you enough time to prepare for the ride, and work out the finer details with the tour guides. Additionally, you can interact with the horses before the trip begins.

3. Have Fun

There is no end to the incredible experience of Charleston’s horse tours. Every trip is unique, with experienced tour guides showing you around the beautiful sceneries of the Holy City. Make sure to enjoy the thrill of the horse-drawn carriage and take iconic photos while at it.

A Charleston Vacation

Charleston’s beaches, pleasant weather, and beautiful culture present an attractive choice for your next holiday destination. The horse tours allow you to enjoy the beauty of the city while learning more about its history and culture. Charleston Carriage Works can create a memorable experience for you and your family through a horse-drawn carriage tour around the city.