See the Real Charleston In A Horse Drawn Carriage Tour

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It’s always fun and exciting to visit a new city. There are so many sites to see and so many places to explore. Traveling opens a whole new world, and it expands our personal horizons. If you are lucky enough to be planning a trip to a new city for the first time in the future, like Charleston, South Carolina, here’s a list of suggestions for some new and fun things to do!

Try a Charleston Horse Drawn Carriage Tour

Buggy rides, carriage tours, horse carriage tours… Call it what you want. But there is probably nothing more romantic or enjoyable than the experience of a horse drawn carriage tour. Visiting a new city, like Charleston, South Carolina, you will be amazed at how it comes alive from the perspective of a horse drawn carriage tour. Classic carriage tours can be arranged ahead of time in Charleston to avoid waiting. A carriage tour goes at a great pace and is comfortable, saving wear and tear on your feet, legs and back. History, architecture, and culture will all be at your fingertips! And, you will make the acquaintance of a very friendly resident of Charleston — your carriage horse. Very importantly, let’s not forget romance. An evening carriage tour in Charleston would be ideal for celebrating an anniversary…or perhaps, even for popping the question!

Try a Local Charleston Market

Nothing will give you the feel for a new city like a visit to a local market. For instance, when you go to the Charleston farmers market in Charleston South Carolina, you will find fresh local products. It is open on Saturdays and also offers a delicious brunch on Sundays. Also visit the fish market, and the Charleston flower market, where you are bound to find people who have been working in the industries for years. They will be a great source of history about the city. And you can find great souvenirs at both places, too!

Try a Charleston Boat Tour

What a fabulous way to see a new city! Many major cities on the water now offer boat tours. This gives their visitors a completely different perspective of their city. For instance, with 90 miles of Atlantic Coastline, Charleston, South Carolina is an excellent city to enjoy from the water. Here, visitors actually see how the city looks today and can hear about the history of the city while imagining what it looked like in early American times.

Try a Charleston Walking Tour

Hands down – (or feet down as it may be) – one of the most exciting ways to see a new city is to explore it by foot. For starters, visit the local tourist center or the concierge at the hotel where you are staying. Here, you will probably be able to find lots of materials to help you plan your tour. Maps, charts, scheduled activities, and in particular, points of interest we’ll all be highlighted and you can decide to see what interests you most. It’s also a good idea to speak to as many people as possible just to be sure you don’t miss any of the city’s important sites.

Try a Charleston Food Tour

Experiencing a food tour in a new city will definitely give you the flavor of the town you are exploring! In Charleston, South Carolina, be prepared for delicious crab soup, shrimp, cornbread, and grits! Many hotels will arrange afternoon tastings and extravaganzas to celebrate regional specialties. In addition, wineries also welcome visitors and will share samples of wines that are special to that location.

Recap: Take A Horse Drawn Carriage Tour

Of all your options when visiting a new city, probably a horse drawn carriage tour like the one you would find in Charleston, South Carolina would be the most original and fun! From history to horses, there really is something for everyone. And even if you are not visiting a new city for the very first time, you could try some of these ideas in your own hometown. There is always something new to discover. Just make sure that you take lots of pictures and videos, and bring home plenty of souvenirs!

Why Taking a Horse Carriage Ride is a Great Way to See the City of Charleston

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Charleston South Carolina is an excellent place to visit for a wide variety of reasons. With picturesque landscapes and unique historical attractions, the city has a little bit of something to offer to each and every person who visits. But what is the best way to take advantage of all the awesome things this one of a kind city has to offer? A horse carriage ride, of course! Here are a few reasons why a horse carriage tour is one of the best ways to see the city of Charleston South Carolina.

Horse Carriage Rides Give You an Insight to Local History

This city truly bears some amazing historical sights and landmarks. But when you decide to navigate the city by car or other motor vehicles, it is likely that you and your family members will end up breezing right past the most appealing historical aspects of the city. Horse carriage rides are the perfect antidote to this type of thing. Carriage rides allow you to experience the city in its intimate details, up close and personal in each and every aspect.

For example, if you have heard about a unique historical site in the city, then you can arrange plans to go and visit it by carriage. A ride in a private carriage will not only get you to your destination, but it will do so by giving a personal tour of the roads leading up to the point of interest. This kind of journey creates context and meaning and often results in a historical experience that provides a much richer and more complex understanding. This is especially true for anyone who happens to be visiting the city of Charleston, South Carolina for the very first time.

Horse Carriage Rides Create Unique and Lasting Memories on Vacations

On a similar note, you simply cannot underestimate the value that carriage rides bring when you begin to think about the opportunities they present for creating lasting memories. Sure, some photos with your family at historical sites may be great to look back on. But when you can remember all the details along the way as you trot along the streets, you and your family members are sure to look back upon your visit to the city with joy. After all, were you aware of the fact that 37% of families say that vacations make them happy, making it the activity that makes families the happiest. You can to the likelihood of this outcome by planning out unique activities such as guide horse carriage rides the next time you plan a trip to Charleston, South Carolina.

Many carriage rides will allow you to stop along the way and take pictures. You can also arrange to have your tour guide take specific routes to meet your needs and itinerary. Of course, when you are setting up your carriage ride tours, it’s important to look for a company that provides exceptional customer service. Checking before to see that the company has positive reviews and a positive reputation within the city is helpful. It’s also a good idea to make sure that they are transparent in their pricing and payments. The right carriage ride company makes all the difference in your experience.

Horse Carriage Rides Include Detailed Guides to Show You the City

You can’t forget about the role of the tour guide. The right guide will show you the city as no one else can. Not only do they have in-depth knowledge of the area, but they are also trained orators who can convey unique stories and thrilling historical tidbits with wonder and candor. A tour guide can really take your carriage ride to the next level. They are usually quite happy to answer any questions that may pop up as you progress through the ride as well. Anyone looking for a great carriage ride tour of Charleston, SC will be happy they chose a carriage with a local tour guide.

There are many different benefits to taking a tour in a horse carriage if you are planning on visiting Charleston, South Carolina. At My Charleston Carriage, we are happy to offer a wide range of guided tours and some of the best things to do in Charleston SC. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team if you have any questions about our carriage rides or any other service that we have to offer. We can’t wait to see you!

Charleston Carriage Tours: The Perfect Way to Tour Charleston

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Charleston South Carolina is one of the history-rich cities in North America. You‘ll not find another city that has preserved much of its history and ancient way of life as Charleston. You’ll find pastel antebellum houses, cobblestone streets, and horse-drawn carriages in Charleston. Ultimately, one of the best ways to tour the city which is also christened The Holy City is through charleston carriage tours.

Charleston Horse Carriage Tours

Charleston, having been founded in 1670, is one of the oldest cities in North America and boasts enormous wealth that dates back to the plantation society. The mansions in the city will jog you down memory lane as they still maintain the ancient architecture. A horse carriage tour in the historic district will take you to different historic sites such as the Fort Summer, and the Charleston Museum which is America’s first museum founded in 1773.

The city attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists who are interested in America’s ancient history. Classic carriage tours are the norm in the city as they enable tourists to enjoy all the rich historic sites in the famous city of Charleston. What better way to enjoy your tour in The Holy City, than a horse-drawn carriage tour?

Why Use Horse Carriage Rides in Charleston, SC?

The city has done well to regulate the number of horse carriage tour companies so that visitors can have a smooth experience. The routes in the historic district are regulated to ensure that no single tour company dominates the best routes. As such, the city is divided into four different sections that have controlled traffic. To make it more fun and fair, the city came up with a bingo ball that determines which route you’ll take. Before your carriage tour begins, your tour guide will spin the bingo ball, and luck decides which route you’ll tour.

Best Time for Charleston Carriage Tours

During summer, spring and fall, you’re better off booking the morning classic carriage tours. The sun in Charleston may be extremely hot in the afternoon especially during summer. While the carriage may protect you from the scorching sun, it’s not the same for the horses or mules pulling your carriage. To keep the horses and mules healthy, your tour guide may stop the tour for a while so that the animals can refresh and rejuvenate. Charleston city ensures that all tour companies take care of their horses and mules.

Should You Book Ahead to Enjoy Charleston Horse Tours?

Depending on the season, it might be wise to book ahead, although it’s not entirely mandatory. Most tourists visit Charleston city during the weekends and the holiday season. Therefore, you may want to book earlier if you plan to tour Charleston on a holiday or weekend. However, there are enough carriage tour companies to go by, and it’s unlikely that you’ll miss a carriage tour if you fail to book early.

Amazing Tour Guides in Charleston

Charleston’s tour guides are some of the most knowledgeable and hospitable guides you’ll find around. The tour guides of The Holy City do their jobs out of passion. With some having been born and bred in Charleston city, they know the city’s history more comprehensively. Every historic site in the city has a story behind it. Your tour guide will be more than glad to share the stories, events, and sites that shaped the history of the rich city of Charleston. The best tour guides will not only keep you informed all through the tour but also keep you smiling, thanks to their natural charisma.

When you tour Charleston you want nothing less than classic carriage tours. It feels special to tour a historic district using horse-drawn carriages. You get to see some of the historic sites such as Fort Sumter that not only shaped the history of North America but also influenced the World’s history. If you’re planning to visit Charleston, engage one of the leading providers of carriage tours in Charleston.


Three Sights To See On A Carriage Tour In Charleston

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Charleston is rapidly rising as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, and with no wonder. The city is one of the oldest in the country, and it’s home to both beautiful beaches and remarkable historic sits. Charleston has also become known in recent years for its amazing food scene, and it has a bustling nightlife to match its daytime scenes, making it the perfect place for both families and single people to visit. Of course, one of the main reasons why people like to visit Charleston is its culture. Long known as one of the most hospitable places in the world, Charleston is full of residents that pride themselves on being as welcome as possible, offering politeness and guidance to tourists. At the same time, the city isn’t yet quite so popular that it’s become overwhelmed with visitors. Therefore, you get the best of both worlds; a lot to see without a lot of crowding.


With that being said, there’s still a lot to see and plenty of things to do in Charleston, and you may not feel like you have quite the time to see everything you want to see. This is one reason why horse drawn carriage tours have become so popular. In fact, horse carriage rides are among one of the more popular and classic past-times in the city. You’ll see plenty of iconic photos of tourists going on carriage rides throughout Charleston. Some of these are shared among several people, but in recent years private horse tours have become more popular. There are often different themes to choose from as well, with some companies specializing in food tours, other trading in historic tours, and some offering the ever-popular ghost tours. With that being said, let’s look into some of the sights you must see while choosing between horse carriage rides in Charleston, South Carolina.


1. The Battery


The battery is without a doubt one of the most iconic sights of Charleston, and most horse carriage rides capitalize on it. Essentially, the battery is a paved, public walkway in one of the city’s most historic section. It’s lined with beautiful old homes, and features old cannons, plaques marking locations of historic significance, and amazing ocean views. Riding along the battery, you’ll be able to see Fort Sumter, which is where the first shots of the Civil War were fired.


2. Rainbow Row


While most of the homes and buildings in downtown Charleston are historic and beautiful, owed in part thanks to its strict building guidelines, Rainbow Row is particularly noteworthy. These historic houses are brightly colored, and stand out in the city. For that matter, they’ve been the subjects of a number of paintings throughout the years, as well as magazine spreads. You’ll be able to get some excellent photos if you pass by the houses via horse carriage rides.


3. The Historic Charleston Market


Many carriage tours make a point to stop by the historic Charleston market. The market is home to a number of different vendors, some of which have been in the city for many years and have become famous. While in Charleston, you’ll, of course, want to pick up a souvenir or two, and the market is the best place to do that. You can look at different clothes, as well as jewelry, artwork, and classic art forms of the city. Among those are the baskets woven of reeds and wicker, often made by women in the city and based on Gullah traditions. You can also pick up snacks at the market, including the ever-popular Southern treat, boiled peanuts.


As previously mentioned, there are many reasons to visit Charleston. It’s no wonder it was at the top of Travel and Leisure’s “World’s Best Cities” list in 2016. There are just as many reasons to consider going on a horse drawn carriage tour while in the city. This provides you with an easy way to travel with your group, while seeing something beautiful. Not only that; but by taking a horse-drawn carriage ride, you’ll be able to experience the historic Charleston much like somebody would have in centuries past.

5 Essential Things to Know Before Your First Horse Carriage Tour of Charleston

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Charleston is a beautiful and welcoming city, the largest in the state of South Carolina. It is an incredibly popular tourist destination, with its large selection of historic homes and tourist markets. The Folly Beach and the Isle of Palms are just two of its selection of beaches. This is the sort of city you can visit at any time of the year, with a long list of activities you could do during any season.


However, you’ve not experienced Charleston’s beauty unless you take a horse carriage tour down its streets, down its Spanish-mossed, brick-walked downtown. These classic carriage tours are an exciting tourist experience that allows you to take in the city and all its cultural and historic elements. Here are a few things you ought to remember when taking a horse drawn carriage tour of Charleston.


1. There are 4 Routes


The City of Charleston is in charge of the tours and the routes they take. This means that it doesn’t depend on the tour company you choose. Charleston receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. To reduce any traffic disruptions such numbers might cause, the district has been divided into four sections.


It’s a gamble which section your tour will take, but that’s okay- each of these sections is captivating and hauntingly beautiful in its own way.


2. You Will Have a Guide


Walking down Charleston’s streets in itself is a wonderful time, but doing with so with a guide makes the whole experience even better. Each guide is unique and different from the other; altogether, they are all very enlightened, intelligent, wholesome and knowledgeable people. Each of them tells the story of the city in their own autonomous way, the way they experienced it, making every horse carriage tour different and fun.


3. The Earlier in the Day, the Better


It is advisable to take your tour of the city earlier in the day, especially in the summer, spring, and fall. During such times, the afternoon sun may get unbearably hot. Often, the ambient temperature may go as high as 98 degrees, and the humidity will become uncomfortable. When such temperatures hit, the tours stop to ensure the animals’ health is always protected.


Morning tours are just as fun and exciting; in fact, it’s even better to take a horse carriage tour before the city is up and bustling with everyday life.


4. Buying Horse Carriage Tour Tickets Ahead of Time


You don’t have to buy tour tickets in advance. You could always buy them right before getting on the classic carriage rides. However, during popular weekends, it may be a good idea to do so as it will help cut down on how much time you wait in line.


Some companies have different perks and special offers available, but you’d have to book ahead for these. For example, it’s possible to meet the horses about ten minutes before the horse carriage rides begin. Other companies have cozy, romantic carriages and offer specialized tours, and it makes sense to book ahead of time if you’d like to try out the experience for yourself.


A Horse Carriage Tour for the Best Charleston Experience


If you’re looking for a wholesome, beautiful tourist experience that opens you up to the city, its landmarks, and cultures, then horse drawn carriage tours are right up your alley. You will have a guide to walk you through the section of the district your tour will be taking, giving you details about the city and the cultural implications of every interesting thing your horse wobbles past.


Remember, you don’t have to buy tickets in advance, all you need to do is show up! That is unless, of course, you’d like a specialized tour or one of the romantic offers many tour companies have. Take pictures, shoot videos, write detailed journal entries- capture the memories of your time here to carry with you everywhere else you go.

Three Reasons Why Carriage Rides Are A Staple of Charleston Vacations

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Charleston, South Carolina is one of the best tourist destinations in the United States. Charleston offers a lot of remarkable attractions. For one thing, it’s among the oldest cities in the country, and is full of beautiful historic buildings and sites that offer visitors the chance to step back in time. The city is no stranger to tourism for this reason, which is perhaps why it’s known as one of the world’s most hospitable cities. Charlestonians are renowned for their welcoming attitudes, and there are plenty of beautiful accommodation options available for visitors with a wide variety of budgets. For that matter, the city carries a unique Southern charm blended with a beachside paradise. It’s even coming up as a favorites amongst “foodies”, with a unique cuisine that blends Southern traditionalism with new ideas.


With all that being said, perhaps one of the most famous tourist experiences in Charleston is the classic private horse tour. Horse and buggy rides have long been offered in the city. Though horse drawn carriage tours are not unique to Charleston, they do blend beautifully into the city’s aesthetic, and look right at home on the cobblestone streets. With that being said, you probably have a limited amount of time to visit the city. Therefore, you may be wondering if horse and buggy rides are really worth it. Is that the right way to spend your time in Charleston? We certainly think so. Which is why we’re counting down the main advantages of taking part of the horse and buggy rides in Charleston.


1. The Magic Of Time Travel


Well, of course, time travel isn’t exactly a part of any visit to Charleston. But if you’re a history buff, you’ll want to feel as much like you’re stepping back in time within the city as possible. Horse and buggy rides are a part of that, especially if they’re private. When taking part in private carriage tours, you’ll be able to experience what the genteel city residents did back in the day, cruising through Charleston’s downtown highlights. It may not seem like a major reason to take part in a tour, but it does matter. This is all a part of the experience of Charleston, and shouldn’t be overlooked.


2. The Local Guides


Horse and buggy rides in Charleston aren’t just manned by anyone. You’ll discover that your “driver” is a local expert. Therefore, you get more than just the relaxing ride and beautiful views on their own. You’ll also be lead by someone who knows their way around the city, and also is aware of all of its insider secrets. Companies are careful to hire guides who not only stand as local insiders, but provide great entertainment as well. The goal is to provide an experience that is not only educational but fun, offering travelers a great time. If you’re not sure if Charleston has enough stories to go around; Charleston was founded in 1670, and has plenty of history to go around.


3. Comfort


Depending on when you visit Charleston, you may very well be dealing with sweltering heat. From the springtime well into the fall, the city tends to be both hot and humid, a combination that leads to a good deal of sweat and exhaustion. A major issue that a lot of visitors deal with is that when they aren’t lying out at the beach, they’re easily tired. Therefore, a horse and buggy ride gives guests in the city time to relax and kick back, with a bit of shade if necessary for good measure. Obviously, you’re not going to travel the entire time by horse and buggy. But it’s much more fun than getting in your car and driving around, and it further prevents you from having to search for parking in the city, which is certainly easier said than done.


A horse and buggy ride is a staple of a great Charleston vacation for a reason. It’s a part of taking in the city, and will make memories that you’ll treasure forever. Take our word for it!

3 Things to Remember For Your First Charleston Carriage Ride

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Charleston is a city rich in American indigenous history and is a top tourist destination that attracts visitors from all over the world. The Holy City, as it is commonly known, is widely regarded as the custodian of American history, having preserved cultures, architectural designs, works of arts and historic pre-Revolutionary buildings running back to as late as 1773. This is why thousands of tourists visit Charleston to experience what this historic city has to offer. Classic carriage tours are the best way to discover the Holy City in South Carolina.

When visiting this beautiful city, you are better off planning for private carriage tours, so that you can learn Charleston’s history in depth. Charleston is home to many ‘firsts’ in America that have largely influenced American history. The first museum in America, the Charleston Museum, was established in this city in 1773. The city is also home to the first golf club in America, and it is also where the European established their first permanent settlement in 1670 on the Ashley River.

To add to this golden history, the city has several award-winning restaurants and happy hour packages for all customers. Horse-drawn carriage tour rides are the norm in Charleston and several tour companies that offer carriage tours. Though you could tour the city on foot, it does not compare to a ride on a horse carriage. Classic carriage rides are accompanied by one of the talented Charleston tour guides with a vast knowledge of the city which supplements the entertaining carriage tour.

For your first Charleston carriage tour, it is important to know the following

1. The Tour Routes Are Controlled by the City of Charleston

Your private carriage tours will not be determined by your tour company. Instead, the City of Charleston came up with a fair method to determine routes for private carriage tours so that one company does not dominate the best routes. The routes are determined by a random bingo ball set up in a small kiosk where your tour guide makes a stop before embarking on the tour. In a way, it is a bit of luck, as the bingo ball might settle on the best routes more often. However, all routes will expose you to different historic sites in Charleston which are largely important and fascinating. Besides, it is a thrilling and fun way to keep you touring as your next destination might be better than your last.

2. Your Carriage May Be Drawn by a Draft Horse or a Team of Mules

Mules and horses are some of the traditional animals in Charleston and they are used in rotation to draw your carriage. Some tour companies may use horses for your private carriage tours, but some may assemble a team of mules to draw your carriage around the city. Either way, you are guaranteed of safe carriage rides each time you tour the city.

3. You Can Buy Private Carriage Tours Tickets on the Go

Other than on popular weekends, there is no need to purchase advance tickets for your Charleston carriage ride. However, you can book ahead if you want to maximize a discount package offered by a tour company. Additionally, it is advisable to go on your private carriage tours early in the morning before the sun starts to scorch. In particular, the summer, spring and fall, experience high temperatures in the afternoon when the sun is fully out. Take your tour in the morning hours so that you can avoid the uncomfortable sun. The tour guides also rest the animals to keep them healthy.

Your ideal Charleston schedule should include the carriage tour in the morning hours so that in the afternoon you can enjoy the rich food and plenty of beer that the city is famous for. You will also get to make new friends, as Charleston locals are among the friendliest population in North America.


Discover the Best Charleston Carriage Tour Hotspots that You Should not Miss

Charleston is one of the cities in the United States that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. If you have never been to Charleston, you should plan to visit this city so that you can be one of the many travelers who have enjoyed the unique benefits that the city has to offer.

Horse carriage tours will be outstanding when visiting Charleston and you can use buggy rides to enjoy some of the key features in Charleston, some of which have been discussed below. Using the best carriage tours, here are some of the most iconic places you need to visit in Charleston.

1. Visit Fort Sumter

One of the best places you can visit with a horse carriage in downtown Charleston is Fort Sumter. This is one of the most iconic places in the United States and was brought on the map due to the events of the Civil War. It has been declared as a tourist site since 1948, which means that you will be enjoying it when you visit this area as a tourist. While you enjoy the horse carriage that is unique in Charleston, you will get an opportunity to see war fortifications, which have remained intact to date.

2. Visit Historic Charleston City Market

With horse carriage tours, you will be able to visit the historic Charleston City Market. This is an indoor facility that can easily get you fooled as you think it is a small facility. This is a monumental facility that has stall after stall, most of which stretch like two blocks of the entire city. It is enjoyable when you consider visiting the historic Charleston City Market using horse carriage; otherwise, you are going to walk for long distances. You cannot pass the opportunity of seeing local artworks such as weaving and pottery, among others.

3. Charleston Waterfront Park

Every person likes the chance to visit a waterfront park. If you need to see one that stretches for twelve acres along Copper River, you need to visit Charleston. It’s quite a significant distance that you can only cover with the aid of a horse carriage. You cannot afford to miss this picturesque place, especially with horse carriage tours, which will help you to move along the entire waterfront park. This is one of the most beautiful sceneries for all the families visiting Charleston. If your list of things to do in Charleston is not full, you need to include this interesting feature.

4. The Battery

For the best horse carriage tours in Charleston, you need to make sure that you visit The Battery. Here, you will learn significant information about the city itself and why you should consider paying attention to South Carolina as one of the most historic states in the country. Besides the antebellum homes that have steel gates, you will get an opportunity to enjoy charming picket fences and pastel edifices. Here, you will get a lifetime opportunity to see some southern mansions, old cannons, and other archaic plaques that have deep historical significance in the United States. The Battery is one of the unquestionable places when it comes to the history of the United States.

5. South Carolina Aquarium

You may not use horse carriage when visiting the South Carolina Aquarium, but it is worth mentioning that this is a place that you need to consider visiting before leaving Charleston. It serves as an ideal family destination that features hundreds of animals. However, it is important to highlight that most are sea animals, so you should not expect to find the sort of animals you get on Savannah grasslands of Africa. However, you will get an opportunity to see some birds and snakes as well.

Charleston Carriage Works is the leading provider of horse carriage tours in Charleston, South Carolina. We operate at the center of Charleston’s Historic District and we are ready to offer the best carriage tours. With high levels of customer services, you will be treated as you wish, and you will be taken to any destination you want.

Why Carriage Tours are the Best Way to Experience Charleston SC

evening tours charleston sc

If you are looking for things to do in Charleston SC, you have a lot of options to consider. However, whether you’re a first time visitor or a longtime local, horse carriage tours are something you should absolutely have to experience. With over 300 years of history to explore, a classic carriage ride is one of the best and most immersive ways to explore the city.

Evening Tours Charleston SC

When it comes to taking a carriage tour, the evening can be one of the best times to set off. Not only does it offer spectacular views, but it can set the mood for a romantic and cozy night. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, here are a few things to know before booking your tour.

    • The tour route you take will always be randomized. This is because every carriage company utilizes the same routes and, to minimize traffic disruption, the way you go is chosen shortly after you hop aboard. That said, no matter what route you end up taking, you are sure to experience breathtaking views and learn a lot about the amazing history of Charleston.
    • If you take multiple tours, even if you go the same route, you will have a completely different experience. This is due to the fact that tour guides are incredibly personable and offer unique and unscripted stories the entire way. If you’ve taken a tour before, consider taking another one and you’ll see exactly how different it can be!
    • Evening tours Charleston SC are also great if you’re visiting during the summer months when the daytime is too hot for tours to run. During or after sundown is the perfect time for relaxing in the shade and enjoying the incredible sights and history.
    • Tickets do not have to be booked ahead of time; however, if you do you can cut down on waiting and have a chance to potentially meet with the horses before setting off. Some tour companies also host special tours that need to be booked ahead of time. Before selecting a tour make sure to check out special offers online so that you don’t miss out on the chance to experience any specialized tours!

Evening tours Charleston SC offers amazing views and the opportunity to view the cities history in a traditional carriage. If you are looking of a one of a kind experience in Charelston, consider checking out horse carriage tours and booking one for your next visit!

Things to Know Before Going for a Carriage Tour

south carolina carriage tours

Carriage tours are on the rise in South Carolina. South Carolina carriage tours are among the top searches online. This is because many people value carriage tours when they want to explore Charleston in style. However, there are things that you should know before going for a carriage tour.

Book Ahead Of Time

If you live in or you are a tourist in Charleston, and you love carriage rides, you need to book ahead of time to avoid last-minute rushes. Charleston is known as a popular ship stop, and thus many people are always in town.

Booking earlier also gives you access to certain tour peaks. Moreover, you will get to visit particular places in the city that you wouldn’t have if you had booked the day of the tour.

Book a Ride in the Morning

Carriage rides are best when taken in the morning, especially in the summer, spring, and fall. Afternoon sun in the city is usually uncomfortable. The temperatures go as high as 98 degrees, and the heat index hits 125 degrees. When it is too hot, the horses will be stopped so that they are not put at risk. Therefore, it is safe to book a ride in the morning.

Other than in the morning, you can go for your horse carriage tours in the evening after the sun sets. An evening carriage tour in Charleston often has a romantic aura as it feels good to go around the city when the sun has gone done.

Buy Tickets Earlier During Popular Weekends

Popular weekends usually attract many tourists to South Carolina who come for Charleston carriage tours. Therefore, if you want to go for a carriage tour during a popular weekend, you need to buy tickets earlier to reduce your waiting time.

The City Determines the Route That You Take

One thing that you need to know is that the carriage tour company that you are working with does not determine the route that you take, but instead, the city of Charleston decides. The city has divided the district into four sections to minimize traffic disruption. This is because carriages used to run into each other in the same route leading to traffic.

After the carriage has been loaded, the driver will stop at a little kiosk across the market. A bingo ball that falls randomly will appear, and this will determine the route that you take. Therefore, it is not up to you to choose the route that you will take. Fortunately, all of these routes are fun, and you will get to learn about the city.

However, as much as all routes are interesting, it is vital to know that they are different. They do not have the same scenes. The good thing about carriage tours is that the tour guides are usually fun and informative. They will tell you stories about every site that you see.

Your Carriage Can Be Driven With a Mule

Do not be surprised when you get a carriage that is driven with a mule. Horses have been known for years to be the primary animals that move carriages, but nowadays, mules are being used.

If you are interested in going around with mules, search for South Carolina carriage tours, and the specify mule as the animal that you wish to use.

Many Companies Exist

If it is your first time to visit Charleston, it is essential to know that many companies offer carriage tours. When you search for South Carolina carriage tours, you will see many companies. Do your homework and choose the one that suits your preferences.

The companies also offer private carriage tours. It is important to narrow down to a company that will fully satisfy you.

Carriage tours are the best way that you can have fun in Charleston. South Carolina carriage tours are exciting, and you will not regret taking part in them. This guide gives you information that will help you before going for carriage tours.