Charleston, SC & The American Revolution

charleston sc american revolution

When it comes to the rich history of Charleston, SC there is much to talk about. We can talk about Fort Sumter and the Civil War. We can talk about the colonial days, in which the roots of Charleston’s architecture and style began to take hold. But Charleston, SC is also a city rich in the history of the American War of Independence, which is one of the reasons so many people come here to learn more about our nation’s founding days. Read on to learn more about Charleston’s role in the American Revolution. Read more

The Charleston Earthquake of 1886

charleston earthquake of 1886

On the west coast, minor earthquakes are frequent enough that they’ve become a regular concern for emergency personnel and average Americans alike. But in 1886, an unusual seismic event—one of the most powerful ever to hit the east coast of the U.S.—set its sights on Charleston, South Carolina. The Charleston Earthquake of 1886 was such a remarkable event that the shocks were felt as far away as Boston in the northeast and Milwaukee in the Midwest—even the island of Bermuda noticed. According to Paul Pinckney, the earthquake felt so severe that some people even worried that Florida had broken away from the continent.

In all, the 1886 earthquake is proof that Charleston’s history is not limited to the social, military, and cultural events that happened here. Charleston’s recent history is even rife with remarkable seismological events which have shaped the history of the east coast. Read more

The Great Charleston Fire of 1861

great charleston fire 1861

When you ask the average person to tell the tale of a great fire that occurred in the 1800s, most of them will point to Chicago, Illinois and its Great Fire of 1861. But ask anyone from Charleston the same question and you’ll likely get a different answer that a little closer to home: the Great Charleston Fire of 1861. This famous blaze started from an unknown origin and quickly spread throughout the city impacting many in the area and even endangering the life of General Robert E. Lee during the Civil War.

In all, the Great Charleston Fire burned some 540 acres of land, causing millions of dollars in damage at a time when millions of dollars meant even more than it does today. The severity of the damage can be witnessed today in photographs of the time that show a city near in ruins. Though the event wasn’t a happy one, it was nonetheless an essential chapter in the story of Charleston, SC. Read more


A Brief History of Charleston, SC – From Carriage to Car


You don’t earn a reputation as one of America’s most historic cities by accident. As anyone who’s visited Charleston knows, you can see enough history from the streets and understand that this jewel of South Carolina goes back centuries. But how much do you really know about the founding and history of Charleston, from carriage to car? The history of Charleston is too long to tackle here, but here’s a brief overview of what makes our city so special. Read more

Fort Moultrie


Although Fort Moultrie is part of the Fort Sumter National Monument, the actual location of Fort Moultrie is Sullivan’s Island, across the sound from the sea fort of Fort Sumter. But the difference between the two forts isn’t in location alone. In fact, Fort Moultrie’s history in U.S. military conflicts dating back to 1776 gives it a unique position in our National Parks System. Read more