Joseph Manigault House: An Architectural Wonder in Charleston, SC


Head over to 350 Meeting Street at the corner of Meeting and John in Charleston, SC, and you’ll see a genuine National Historic Landmark that represents one of the points of pride in one of America’s most historic cities. If you’re planning on visiting Charleston, the Joseph Manigault House is one of the best ways to explore 19th century history. Here are some great things to know about this amazing historical site. Read more

The Powder Magazine: Charleston’s Oldest Public Building

If you’ve stuck around this site, you might know a thing or two about Charleston history. But one question remains: what’s the oldest building Charleston has to offer? Which site’s history goes back even further than all the rest? The answer, as you might have guessed from the title, is The Powder Magazine. No, it’s not a publication: a gunpowder magazine was used to store gunpowder in a relatively safe way, keeping it separate from wooden buildings and other explosive elements in the military. And as it happens, Charleston still has one of its gunpowder magazines from the 18th century standing. Read more

Heyward-Washington House: Charleston’s Link to the Founding Fathers

There are few monuments and historical sites in Charleston, SC with such direct ties to the founding of the country. If you’re a history buff, then there may be no site on your “must-see” list while visiting the Holy City like the Heyward-Washington House. Read more

Charleston White Point Gardens: Where City Meets Harbor

As much as we’d like the opposite to be true, eventually even Charleston, South Carolina runs out of space. But there’s good news: the end of the Charleston peninsula where the Ashley and Cooper River meet the harbor is a beautiful site in and of itself. The Charleston White Point Gardens are a must-see during your visit.

This 6.5 acre park is ideally situated to give visitors and Charleston natives alike one of the finest views of the Charleston harbor and the historic Fort Sumter. And for history enthusiasts, there’s no shortage of fascinating information and American history to be found at this park. Read more

The Second Presbyterian Church – Charleston, SC

One of the things visitors most like about Charleston isn’t that it’s so rich in history—but that its history is in such plain sight. There may be no better example of this than the Second Presbyterian Church, built in 1811 on one of the highest points in the “Holy City.” In fact, one of the reasons that Charleston is known as the Holy City is that so many churches are part of its cityscape. With its unique location and history, the Second Presbyterian Church may be one of the most powerful symbols of this architectural and cultural influence. Read more

Two Meeting Street Inn: South Carolina’s Romantic History


The history of Charleston, South Carolina includes many important footnotes in major American wars, dating back to America’s founding days and beyond. But there’s another side to Charleston’s history that people often forget, which can be found at Two Meeting Street Inn. This historic bed and breakfast, found at the corners of Meeting Street and South Battery, has been called the “Jewel in the crown of Charleston Bed and Breakfast Hotels.” Here are just a few reasons why. Read more

The Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon


There’s no doubt that Charleston, South Carolina is one of the must-see cities for anyone interested in American history. Full of 18th century wonders and Civil War relics, the city is teeming with history around every corner. But you don’t get to be a historic city—or a historic site, for that matter—without interesting things happening, both positive and … well, sometimes downright spooky. The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon is a perfect example.  Read more

Charleston City Market

Experience the Heart of Charleston’s History! When you come to our city, there may be no better way to experience our vibrant culture than with a visit to the Charleston City Market. The Market has a way of summing up everything about Charleston into one unforgettable experience. Read more

Calhoun Mansion

Visit a Unique Slice of History in Charleston, South Carolina! There may be no better symbol of America’s “Gilded Age” than the Calhoun Mansion, right here in Charleston, South Carolina. Read more

Fort Sumter

Fort Sumter didn’t just have a dramatic impact on the city of Charleston. It arguably changed the destiny of the entire United States. Read more