Romantic Spring Vacation Ideas For Charleston SC

Spring has finally arrived, and many couples are planning on celebrating the change in seasons with a nice vacation to a warm destination like Charleston. After all, 42% of travelers feel more romantic on vacation, meaning it’s the perfect time to have a few fun date night plans that you couldn’t do at home. If you’re at a loss for what to add to your vacation itinerary, here are some excellent romantic ideas for things to do in Charleston SC, from fine dining to horse drawn carriage tours.

Fine Dining Date Night

With the wide variety of dining experiences throughout Charleston, you’re sure to find something that suits both you and your partner’s tastes. Whether you’re going to be in town just for a night or two or for a week or more, take the time to make a reservation at one of Charleston’s wonderful fine dining restaurants. Dinner dates are a great opportunity to taste new foods and talk over a great meal together.

Coastal Adventures

With Charleston being right along the coast, there are countless ocean opportunities for great dates and vacation experiences. Whether you want to simply enjoy the beach or get out onto the water yourself, there’s no shortage of ideas to pick from. Just make sure your partner doesn’t easily get seasick before you book a trip on the water.

Horse Drawn Carriage Tours

No matter where you plan to go and what you plan to do there, traveling in style can be just as much a part of the overall experience. Try booking a private carriage tour of the city for you and your partner, or see if you can schedule horse carriage rides to your date destinations in the city. A carriage ride to your date night activities can help set a romantic tone for the evening, and it’s sure to provide a unique experience the two of you will never forget.

Planning a romantic vacation in Charleston this spring is a great way to spend some quality time with your partner or spouse. For more information or to schedule a private ride in a horse carriage for your vacation, contact Charleston Carriage Works today.


Fun For Young And Old: The Perfect Day In Charleston, SC

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Charleston is the perfect vacation destination, as proven by its number one spot in Travel and Leisure Magazine’s “World’s Best Cities” list. It especially excels in full family events, providing entertainment and delight to people of all ages. With a little something for everyone, all it takes is proper planning to create the ideal day in this historic city.

Start Your Day With A Little Magic
Everyone who has ever seen Cinderella has fantasized about their own fairy godmother gifting them with a beautiful horse drawn carriage. In Charleston, that dream can easily become a reality, delighting children and adults of all ages. Even if your child has no interest in the horse carriage tour itself, they will be captivated by the elegant power of the horses, keeping them entertained for the entire ride.

With private horse tours offered along educational, historic routes, your parents will be able to learn while they take in the sights. Keeping an entire family involved and enthralled is no small task — especially if you’re trying to please a eight-year-old as well as an 80-year-old — but with Charleston’s private horse tours, you’ll be able to sit back, worry-free, and enjoy the ride with the rest of your family.

Laugh (or Sing!) Your Way To Dinner
Tickle your family’s funny bone with a trip to the theater after lunch. Take in a live comedy show or a musical thanks to Charleston’s own 34 West Theater Company, nestled in the heart of the city. The perfect way to pass the time until dinner, the happiness your family experiences will last long past that.

Travel Back in Time…
…And scare your socks off with one of Charleston’s famous ghost tours! See the Old City Jail — which housed pirates, infamous criminals, and Civil War prisoners — or stop by one of the city’s beautiful yet spooky graveyards. These tours are as historic as they are unsettling, and are even available in private horse tours!

Charleston truly is a fantastic vacation spot, providing endless fun and entertainment for the whole family, young and old. Don’t waste another moment; book your trip down today.

How Can I Make My Anniversary Celebration More Unique?

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After so many years together and so many anniversaries, it can be tricky to come up with a way to celebrate you and your significant other in a way that you haven’t already.

Fancy restaurants, dinner and a movie, romantic nights at home: you’ve done it all.

So how can you make your anniversary celebration unique this year?

Go Somewhere You Two Have Never Gone Before
Up to 42% of travelers say they feel more romantic on vacation. Many couples think of romantic vacations as island getaways or cozy cabins on the slopes. Instead of choosing your average vacation spot, try going on an adventure for your anniversary to someplace you’ve never gone to before.

Take one of the beautiful evening tours Charleston SC has to offer after you’ve eaten a romantic dinner at one of the local restaurants. Or go for a romantic walk around town at sunset. There are plenty of things you can do to celebrate your love in a new city you and your significant other are exploring together.

Throw Yourselves A Reception
Sure, you can throw yourselves an anniversary party, but what fun would that be? When you throw yourselves a reception, you can invite old friends and new friends who may not have been able to make it to your wedding.

What’s more, you get to experience a blast from the past and remember all the good times you had on your wedding day. You can’t get much more romantic than that.

Take A Class Together
One of the best ways you can celebrate your anniversary is to spend time together in a way that isn’t just talking. A cooking class can bring out the playful side in both of you, especially as you learn to make new dishes.

If cooking isn’t quite your style, there are plenty of other classes offered throughout the year no matter where you live. Find one that excites or intrigues both of you and learn something new together. You might just be surprised by how much fun the two of you will have.

Horse carriage tours are a traditional and romantic way to see the wonderful sights and sounds around charming Charleston. To learn more about classic carriage rides or to schedule one of the evening tours Charleston SC has to offer, contact Charleston Carriage Works today.


3 Fun Things to do With Your Family on Your Charleston Vacation

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Charleston, South Carolina is a beautiful place to visit. The weather is gorgeous all year round. The city was founded in 1670, starting with the port of South Carolina. Charleston is known for it’s cobblestone streets, pastel antebellum houses, and its French Quarter and Battery districts. The town is very historic, with over 300 years of fascinating history.

With that being said, Charleston is a great place for you and your family to travel to on vacation. There is a multitude of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Don’t believe it? Here are three great things to do while on vacation in Charleston, South Carolina.

Waterfront Park
The Waterfront Park is located right on the Cooper River, making it a great location to spend the day with your family. The park offers over eight acres of activities, beautiful sight seeing, and stretches over a mile of the river. The park is also within walking distance to the city market and Kings Street, which is great for shopping and sight seeing as well.

Carriage Rides
One of the things that Charleston is famous for is carriage rides. Charleston Carriage Works offers the best horse carriage tours in the whole city. You can ride around in a gorgeous buggy pulled by a beautiful horse. It can take you anywhere in the city that you want to go. The tour guides are knowledgeable of the fascinating history of Charleston, making the ride that much more enjoyable. You can enjoy all the local sights all while leisurely riding on the streets of Charleston.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is a historic house with beautiful gardens surrounding it. It is located on the Ashley River, so water sight seeing is also available. This house goes all the way back to pre-Revolutionary War times, making it a part of history that will be awe inspiring for everyone. It offers train and boat tours so that you can explore the area, and it also has a petting zoo.

Charleston, South Carolina is a great vacation spot for the whole family. Charleston Carriage Works offers services that can take you all over the beautiful city to make the most of your trip. Contact us today if you are planning to come to Charleston.

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3 Haunted Charleston Locations Every Horror Buff Should Visit

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There’s no denying that Charleston, SC has a long and rich history. In fact, it’s home to America’s very first museum, which was founded in 1773. But with over 300 years of fascinating history, a city like Charleston is sure to have its fair share of ghost stories.

Fortunately, Charleston has an abundance of places simply filled to the brim with ghost stories. You may not see all of these locations on your Charleston horse carriage tours, but here we’ll discuss a few of the city’s most haunted locations that every horror buff needs to see in person.

Old Exchange Building
Not only is this building one of the city’s most famous haunts, it’s one of its most well-known historic landmarks. It served many purposes in its time, including as a prison during the Revolutionary War, and even housing infamous criminals like Blackbeard. Now, its fame lies in the spooky sights visitors report when touring the establishment. Tales of floating orbs and rattling chains have been circulating for quite some time now. In addition, there are rumors of a spirit that won’t leave the dungeon below the main building.

The Blind Tiger Pub
If you’re interested in a few good drinks and ghosts, this is the pub for you. During the Prohibition era, this pub acted as a speakeasy. It continues to serve patrons to this day, but there are more spirits than just vodka and rum here. In fact, there have been several reports of a woman dressed in black promptly appearing and disappearing! Some regular customers also report experiencing strange events such as having their hair pulled and hearing phantom footsteps when there is nobody else in the bar.

Dock Street Theatre
This theatre has quite the story behind it. Originally a theatre that burned down and was converted into a hotel, it has recently been converted back into a theatre. It also has a reputation for being one of the most haunted places in Charleston, with both actors and audience members reporting ghostly sightings throughout the location’s tenure. Many speculate that these are the ghosts of people who perished in the 1809 fire.

Whether you take a horse carriage tour or simply walk around to see the sights, make sure these three locations are on your itinerary! You just might catch a spirit in your next vacation selfie.


Enough With The Dinner Dates: 3 Great Romantic Date Ideas

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Rather than just going on the same boring date every time you want to have a romantic night out, consider mixing it up a bit. You and your partner might be madly in love and completely okay with repetition, but it might be nice to try something new together.

Dinner and a movie can be nice, but that shouldn’t count as a romantic night out anymore. After you’ve been in a relationship for several years, it can be hard to keep that spark alive. So how can you enjoy each other’s company during a creative and romantic evening?

Here are some romantic date ideas that mean a little more than just dinner and a movie.

Spontaneous weekend getaways
Sometimes, the best road trips and vacations are the ones planned at the last minute. While week-long vacations may require extensive planning, traveling somewhere a few hours away on a whim is much more spontaneous and romantic. Roughly 42% of travelers feel much more romantic on vacations, and sometimes a change of scenery is exactly what your relationship needs. The next time you’re both sitting around bored on a Friday night wishing you were doing something more fun, pick a place to go and leave the following morning. During the drive you can figure out exactly what you’ll be doing once you reach your destination, which is part of the fun.

Romantic horse and buggy rides
Going on private carriage tours, around either your current town or a new destination, is one of the most romantic things you can do together. Horse and buggy rides aren’t the most practical form of transportation, but they are one of the most romantic. Although Uber and Lyft rides might be way more convenient, carriage rides are the perfect way to enjoy an intimate night out with your one and only. Pick a nice cool night and enjoy the peaceful ride around the city sights together.

Go see a concert
You and your partner might enjoy going to concerts, but you probably don’t go to live shows as often as you did in your youth. While you might not have the energy for mosh pits or all night dance parties, there’s no excuse for skipping concerts altogether. To emphasize the romantic aspect of a musical performance, you should consider going to a more intimate show for your next date night. Rather than seeing a loud rock band in the front row, go to a jazz club and sit by the fire. Musical performances aren’t just a great romantic date idea, but they will make you both feel young again.

If you are serious about enjoying a romantic night and want to learn more about horse and buggy rides in Charleston, SC, contact Charleston Carriage Works today. 

4 Children and Parent Friendly Attractions Not to Miss in Charleston

buggy rides

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Here Are The 2 Biggest Ways Traveling Makes People Happier

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Fun Charleston Things to Do When Out of Ideas

You don’t get to be the number one rated city in the U.S. without having a couple of fun things to do. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to find an interesting activity for your trip to Charleston. You’ve tried Googling. You’ve tried an app or two. And yet it seems like you’re just as short on ideas as when you started because all of the searches only told you what you already know about visiting a new city.

Fortunately, we’ve got a few fun things to do in Charleston if you’re new to the area:   Read more


Visiting Charleston? Why a Carriage Ride is Ideal

It’s true that we’re the first ones to tell you that Charleston, S.C. has a lot to offer. There’s a reason it’s been selected as one of the best cities in the entire United States, and it’s not because it’s a one-trick pony. Charleston combines history with modern beauty, leisure with amazing cuisine, and authentic southern charm you can’t find anywhere else. But if you truly want an authentic Charleston experience, there’s nothing quite like a carriage tour.

There’s an old saying about the south: time moves a little differently down here. And it’s true. So many visitors are thinking about their next flight or their next checkpoint that they forget to slow down, relax, and let the city host them. Don’t believe us? Let’s look through a list of what a carriage ride can give you that no other Charleston experience will:   Read more