Top 5 Reasons to Take a Carriage Tour in Charleston, SC

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Did you know that over 37% of families announced that going on vacation makes them happy? This makes going on vacation the activity that makes families the happiest. Of course, anyone who has ever been there knows that Charleston, SC is the perfect spot to take a vacation. From the rich history of the city to the ghost stories and from the southern hospitality to the classic carriage rides, there is never any lack of things to do in Charleston, SC.


One of the most popular things to do in Charleston is to schedule a carriage tour to take you around the lovely city. After all, who wouldn’t love a ride in a horse carriage? If you’ve been considering taking a carriage tour, but just aren’t sure it’s the right choice for your vacation, read on below for a few reasons that you should schedule one today.


It’s a Great Way to Relax


Most vacations are all about the hustle and bustle. There’s so much to take in and so much to see that you barely have time to breathe. However, when you’re visiting Charleston, you’ll want to be able to slow your pace and enjoy the sights. A carriage tour will do that for you. Not only will a classic carriage ride include a tour guide who will explain the cities history to you, but it also gives you the chance to look at the landmarks without them just zipping by. Charleston has a lot to offer, it would be a shame to miss any of it.


You Can Bring Your Whole Family


Often, when you’re traveling with a large group, it can be hard to find things to do together. A carriage tour is a perfect way to stay together and see the sights of the city together as well. There are even carriages that can hold up to 16 people, meaning your entire family can have fun together touring the sites of Charleston in style.


Fresh Air and Fun


The last thing you want to do is stay cooped up in a hotel room when you could be out enjoying the sights and sounds this lovely city has to offer. If you feel like you’ve been cooped up, but don’t want to walk around the city, then a carriage tour is the perfect solution for you.


The Horses


If you’re a passionate animal lover, then you already know there’s no better way to travel than by horse. Not only will the horses take you back to a simpler time, but there is also nothing like the sound of a horse’s hooves clomping through the streets of a gorgeous city.


It Can Be Romantic


There are quite a few tours that are offered at night, meaning if you’re searching for a romantic date for you and your spouse, then a carriage tour may be the best way to go. Try a carriage tour, then take her to eat at one of the many romantic spots in the city. After that, take a walk along the beach or just sit on the battery and enjoy the sights and sounds of a city that is packed with history and southern hospitality.


These are just a few of the top reasons to schedule a carriage tour when you’re vacationing in Charleston, SC. Remember, for the romance, the adventure, or just something to do for the entire family, Charleston has it all, and the carriage tours you can book will prove it to you. See you there!

Why You Should Consider Charleston SC for Holiday Destination

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Every year, you decide on where to go and enjoy your holiday. Sometimes you consider international tours while in other occasions you may choose local holiday destinations. How about considering Charleston, South Carolina, for a local holiday destination this year? This is one of the best cities in South Carolina and the United States at large, especially when it comes to horse tours.


Why Visit Charleston?


South Carolina carriage tours could be the biggest motivation and reason many people visit this city. Charleston carriage tours offer a phenomenal experience that is not very common in other cities around the country. SC carriage tours make visiting Charleston a memorable experience to many people, especially those who have never experienced private horse tour in their life.


Alongside Charleston carriage tours, historic buildings and award-winning restaurants decorate the city. You will come across a considerable number of old buildings that hosted the founding fathers of the nation. The city stands out because it can easily offer countryside scenes, beach, and city sceneries at the same time. Very few cities in the United States have a combination of all three aspects altogether.


Charleston carriage tours are offered throughout the year and in different routes around the city, which means that you will always come across new features every time you visit the city. With an average daily temperature of 65.6 degrees Fahrenheit, Charleston is one of the cities around the country where you will feel comfortable throughout the year. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about weather conditions in winter.


What to do in Charleston


Unlike in many cities around the country, there are many things to do in Charleston. Some of the things and activities you can engage in have been discussed below.


1. Horse Carriage Rides


With Charleston carriage tours offering the best horse drawn carriages in South Carolina, it is upon you to experience this opportunity and enjoy the horse carriages rides. Whether in the evening or early morning, horse carriages will always give you a different perspective.


2. Charleston Museum


If you have been overwhelmed by outdoor activities, visiting Charleston Museum could provide the much-needed rejuvenation. It bodes well if you are a history enthusiast who wants to know more about the country and quest for independence. In this museum, you will come across rich history about the country, and especially the founding fathers.


3. Visit King Street


If you are more into city dwellings, downtown Charleston King Street should be your destination. It is the epicenter of the town that hosts all the best stores, restaurants, and bars in the city. With movie theaters scattered around the area, King Street is the best place for people watching. The downtown area lights at dark with nightlife similar to what you would expect to experience in downtown Miami or San Francisco.


4. Sullivan’s Island


As highlighted earlier, you get to enjoy the city, the countryside, and the sea in Charleston. On the seaside of it is Sullivan’s Island, which is one among a dozen other barrier islands and beaches surrounding Charleston. One of the key aspects of this island is that it is more family-oriented, which makes it ideal for people visiting with their kids. The small town atmosphere makes everything conducive, especially for those people who want to escape from the busy town life in downtown Charleston.


What Next?


Whether you are planning for Christmas celebrations, Easter Holiday or summer vacations, Charleston should be your ultimate local holiday destination. Besides the Charleston carriage tours, there are many things you can enjoy around the city such as warm coastal beaches, tea plantations in the countryside, urban life in downtown Charleston, and historical nourishment in museums or older buildings.

Everything You Should Know About Handling of Carriage Horses

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Most tourists visiting Charleston have attributed horse-drawn carriage rides to providing a lasting recreational experience. According to recent statistics, 42% of tourists have felt more romantic while they are on vacation. Therefore, if you wish to take a romantic evening carriage tour in Charleston, you could order a customized package of your choice that will create some lifelong memories.


The popularity of horse-drawn carriage tourism in the modern world has been largely attributed to the obvious eco-friendly benefits. However, there are a few varying opinions about carriage tours that are a little confusing and somewhat unclear. This article aims to shed more light on horse carriage rides.


1. Using Whips on Carriage Horses


The long whip used by carriage drivers is a communication aid, just like the reins. The whip is a training stick and is used to lunge the horse. While taking an evening carriage tour in Charleston, the carriage driver many use the whip to encourage the horse to move at a higher gait.


It can also be used as a physical aid by gently stroking the horse as it teaches them to accept touch. It could be a short carriage driving whip, a dressage whip, or a twig. The whip acts as an effective means of communication between the driver and the horse.


2. Blinders on the Private Tour Horses


Horse blinders are designed to help carriage horses remain focused as they have accurate peripheral vision. They merely prevent the horses from being distracted by what is behind or beside him. For a successful evening carriage tour in Charleston, the horse is meant to focus on moving forward for you to have a more interesting experience.


Blinders are made of firm leather and are attached to the bridle at the side of the horses’ head. The horses have a wide view of the world except for a small blind spot in front of their noses. Therefore, the next time you are on a horse-drawn carriage tour, you need not worry when your horse has blinders.


3. Use of Protection Horse Boots


Proper care of a carriage horse‘s hooves is crucial for its overall health. Compared to the racing horses, carriage horses generally have fewer leg and joint problems. In 2014, the American Veterinary Medical Association recommended horses to be periodically maintained on soft surfaces to avoid damage to the hooves and facilitate blood circulation.


In this light, special horseshoes and boots made to protect the horses’ hooves from wear and tear ensure that the horse is comfortable as you enjoy an evening carriage tour in Charleston. Horse-drawn carriage rides are low-impact walks eliminating the possibility of sole bruising and cracks in the hooves.


4. A Peaceful and Healthy Environment


The serene environment for the classic carriage tours is often beautifully crafted and well maintained. This ensures that you experience a wonderful evening carriage tour in Charleston without fear of affecting your health or the horse’s health. Beautiful sights and locations have been well optimized to give a natural outdoor experience with impeccable attention to detail.


Also, all measures to improve air quality are exploited making South Carolina carriage tours fun and a great way of enjoying the urban environment.


5. Lowered Head Position of the Horse


A dropped head shows a relaxed state of the mind of the horse. Carefully examining the posture of your carriage horse helps you gauge their comfortability and focus level.


Horse pawing is an indication of boredom or impatience. If you notice the horse pawing on your next carriage tour, it may suggest that your horse has been standing for too long and wishes to move along.


Organize a private carriage tour and check that against your list of things to do in Charleston is an evening carriage tour in Charleston while learning about the rich history of the town.

Four Sights You Shouldn’t Miss in Charleston, South Carolina

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Charleston, South Carolina is unlike any other place on earth. Founded in 1670, the city of Charleston — sometimes known as “the Holy City” and often selected as one of the most hospitable cities in the world — is a growing tourist destination in this day and age. It presents beautiful beaches, Southern hospitality, great food, and remarkable history. Though there are plenty of things to do in Charleston, the trouble might be figuring out what to prioritize, and how to fit as many sights into your vacation as possible. With an average daily temperature of 65.6 degrees Fahrenheit, the city presents a tempting opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoors, and it’s often easier to see and learn about Charleston’s history when you’re outside, rather than being shut up indoors. This is one of the reasons why carriage tours have gained so much popularity in the city. Horse-drawn carriages give visitors the opportunity to get a glimpse of what it would have been like to travel around Charleston centuries ago. At the same time, it enables them to see as much of the area as possible. Let’s look at some of the best sights to visit on private carriage tours throughout Charleston!


1. Rainbow Row


Perhaps one of the most iconic locations in Charleston is Rainbow Row. As the name suggests, this location features thirteen brightly colored historic homes, which make for a distinct neighborhood that you’ll never forget. The houses gained their current colors when they were renovated in the 1930s and 1940s, and certainly remind one of the experience of being in the early half the twentieth century. Although these homes are among the most photographed historic buildings in Charleston, they’re not so much meant to be toured like museums, as admired from outdoors. Therefore, they’re hugely popular on any carriage tours, and there is, perhaps, no better way of viewing them.


2. The Battery


Perhaps one of the most iconic parts of Charleston is the battery. Originally built as a defensive seawall, the battery borders the city and divides between land and sea. When taking a tour around the battery, it’s easier to see the ocean. Many walk the battery, but if you’d rather take one of the city’s carriage tours, you’ll be able to escape measure of the sun’s heat, while at the same taking in a beautiful and historic view. Keep your eyes peeled — it’s quite common to see pods of dolphins playing in the surf from the battery! The battery is central to the city, so it would be an easy sight for you to squeeze into your tour.


3. Old Charleston Jail


Originally established in 1802, the Old Charleston Jail, or Old County Jail, is famous for its ghost stories and the well-known criminals it housed. You can view this site as a historic building — and a legendary location. The Old Charleston Jail was once where John and Lavinia Fisher, along with members of their famous highway robbery gang, resided. For that matter, it was the place where some of the last seafaring pirates stayed as they awaited their executions. There are many different stories to be told about the jail, which makes it a popular stop on private carriage tours. One of the great advantages of taking these types of tours is that you’ll be regaled about Charleston’s history by talented storytellers!


4. The Historic Charleston City Market


One of the country’s oldest marketplace complex, the Historic Charleston City Market is a wonderful place to visit during a stop on your tour. You’ll find plenty of different souvenirs, as well as delicious snacks and sometimes even works of art! If you can find a tour that puts time aside for the market, don’t miss out — you may bring home a treasure you’ll keep for life!


No matter how long you have in Charleston, try to fit in a carriage tour. It’s an experience that’s bound to make memories during your time in the city!

What You Should Know Before Your Charleston Horsee Tour

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Summer and spring are the best seasons for a horse-drawn carriage tour around Charleston, South Carolina. Each year, Charleston attracts tourists from all over the world in hundreds of thousands. Horse tours are among the most exciting ways to explore the beautiful and bustling city of Charleston. Carriage tours enable you to experience the diversity and fullness of the city while taking in the sights slowly and breathing the fresh city air. You may also occasionally catch a whiff of Charleston’s finest confectionaries from the many bakeries across the city.


If you’re about to embark on your first carriage tour of Charleston, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind. This piece will highlight some important stuff you should know to prepare you better for this iconic experience and make it worthwhile.


1. You Should Book the Tour Early


With the hundreds of thousands of tourists flocking Charleston each year, there is likely to be a long list of tourists willing to go on horse tours. Even though there are plenty of carriage tour companies in Charleston, it doesn’t hurt to do your booking early. If you do not book your tour early, don’t fret. You’ll still have an enjoyable experience that is worth the wait.


You’ll also have a much nicer experience when you take the tour in the early morning hours. Early morning tours have a much nicer experience with cool temperatures and an environment free of the usual city hassle. During spring and summer, temperatures could skyrocket to up to 125 degrees, which is very hot, even for the horses. The city can also become very humid, which creates this clammy atmosphere that isn’t great for horse tours.


Please note that the city stops all horse carriage tours when temperatures are too high for the safety of the horses.


2. The City Determines the Tour Route


While the carriage tour companies tailor the tour experience for your ultimate enjoyment, comfort, and pleasure, the city has the final say on which tour routes to use. Despite Charleston being a green, thriving metropolis, it is still a city with lots of traffic. To avoid any traffic disruption, Charleston is divided into four different historical zones. The route your carriage tour takes depends on a randomly drawn bingo ball. Each section, nonetheless, is equally fascinating, beautiful and exciting as the others.


3. Different Experiences with the Same Tour


When it comes to horse carriage tours in Charleston, no two tours on the same route are ever the same. Tour guides are the highlight of these horse tours, and they’re great at what they do. These patriotic fellows are smart, knowledgeable, bubbly and extremely funny. They also don’t have a particular handbook they follow during the tours but go with the flow. The stories they make up during the tour will have you rolling on the carriage floor with laughter. Because of the different tour guides, your overall carriage tour experience is likely to be very different from the next man’s, but enjoyable all the same.


Book a Horse Carriage Tour Today


Once you’re acquainted with these three points, you’re now ready for your first tour of Charleston on a horse carriage. Remember to bring your friends and family for a more pleasurable experience and don’t forget to tip the tour guide.

Caught in Time: A Look at South Carolina Carriage Tours

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Charleston attracts thousands of visitors and tourists each year. Whether they arrive by car, plane, or cruise ship, this charming southern city has a unique history, a flourishing culinary scene, and the best ghost tours in the world. The South Carolina city is temperate, full of rich Southern history, and just a skip away from 90 miles of Atlantic coastline. The city is defined by its historical appearance, quaint cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, and gorgeous antebellum houses. A city trapped in time makes Charleston a target for tourists, and for good reason.

South Carolina carriage tours are an incredibly popular activity for these visiting tourists, allowing them to view a city soaked in history in a comfortable and interesting manner while absorbing the benefits a knowledgeable local tour guide. If you want to take in all the sights and sounds of this unique southern gem, then a carriage ride through Charleston, SC is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. As you stroll through the sun-filled streets past the looming palm trees, you’ll understand why Charleston has been attracting visitors for so many centuries.

Charleston was founded in 1670 as Charles Town, named after the King of England, Charles the II. The port town was vital to the United States’ history of trade and population, with the city growing to the fifth-largest city in the U.S. in a mere ten years. Charleston remained a bustling hub throughout American history, evolving into the populated tourist destination it is today.

Due to its rich history and remarkably well-preserved landmarks, houses, and streets, the city is steeped in nostalgia and draws in history buffs among the many thousands of visitors it receives each year. One of the most popular tourist activities that remains a staple of Charleston culture is horse carriage rides. The attraction is so lucrative that Charleston features several carriage companies offering tours of the city with rotating routes. These South Carolina carriage tours are governed by the city itself, to ensure that traffic does not endanger the horses or the passengers, and the carriage tours are not impeding local traffic.

Despite the competition among local companies, each carriage tour offers a unique experience. The tour guides lend a unique and fun twist to each ride, offering tidbits of information only locals know and facts about historical landmarks for those eager history buffs. Winding through the city on traditional cobblestone roads lends an air of nostalgia to the experience, recreating carriage rides that occurred thousands of times throughout Charleston’s rich history. Those who favor unusual vacation activities should consider carriage tours as a top priority. The history of the United States isn’t often as well-preserved as the city of Charleston, and travelers won’t find too many opportunities to participate in an activity that our founding fathers used regularly.

See the Best of SC with a Carriage Tour

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Taking a vacation is a great way to infuse some excitement and relaxation into your family’s hectic life. Every day can be a struggle in a world more and more inundated with pressures and expectations. It can get to the point where it impacts the happiness of your family. But 37% of families feel that vacations contribute to their happiness. Vacations are therefore the activity most responsible for the most happiness in families. Choosing the right vacation makes the deal even sweeter, however. Many families decide to opt for SC carriage tours to the delight of their families. Here are some reasons why.

It’s the Horse, of Course!

Horses, one of the largest domestic animals on earth, have long been a source of fascination and joy for people of all ages. Many people have horses simply because it helps them feel more relaxed. They are good for mental health and just as great for entertainment, given you treat them well in the process. Horse-drawn SC carriage tours give you and your loved one the joy of being with a horse as well as the intrigue of discovering all that the city has to offer. You can feed the horse and pet it—with the permission of the driver, of course. The driver can also give a brief lesson on the horse and its personal history. Also, information may be available about the breed of the horse as well as how it was bred and where it comes from. Horse-drawn SC carriage tours add the pleasure of having another living being along for the ride—and lots of learning to go along with it. This is especially useful if you’re taking a young one along for the ride. Some kids never get to even pet a horse in their lifetime. Others may not have the space at home to care for one but would love to get in touch with these majestic animals. SC carriage tours can be a rare opportunity for kids to get exposed to one of the most beautiful creatures in the country.

Take Your Time to Slow Things Down

The crazy rigmarole of life can be a significant challenge to the peace of a household. SC carriage tours can provide a respite from the insanity. As you slowly trot around the city, it feels as if you are being escorted back in time, to an era when transportation was safer, slower, more reliable and better for the environment. While you can certainly drive around Charleston, SC carriage tours give you a better perspective of the city. You are able to take in more because you’re taking your time. You may notice elements of buildings are landmarks that you completely missed before.

Perhaps one of the best features of SC carriage tours are the tour operators who give you such a good education regarding this historic, iconic city. Classic carriage rides like these come with explanations of important landmarks and what they mean to the history of South Carolina as well as the history of the United States. Horse and buggy rides give you a great chance to also check out things to do in Charleston. As you enjoy the tour, you can check out other stuff to entertain you and your family with after the tour is finished. This is especially fun if you take evening carriage tours. You can scope out cool things to do afterward like hit up a fine restaurant, the theater, or check out a movie.

Things You Can See

You can enjoy the sights and sounds of City Market. There is also the 1771 Old Exchange Building, which is the last building the British built before the Revolutionary War. People also enjoy taking in the Battery seawall and the promenade found at White Point Garden. There is a nearly unlimited number of options when you are in Charleston, from sprawling mansions to quaint symbols of a time gone by. Either way, the best way to enjoy it all is by way of horse and buggy. You can get the best that SC has to offer in relaxing, enjoyable, easy-going style.

When’s the Best Occasion for a Carriage Ride?

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Do you want to take horse carriage rides? If you do, then know that there are companies who offer horse carriage rides that are both fun and engaging and can be done during a variety of occasions. What occasion is best for a horse drawn carriage ride or tour? While you can take one at any time, here are some suggestions for this type of activity to consider.


Your Wedding/Wedding Ceremony


Are you getting married anytime soon? If you are, then you want to make an entrance on your big day. Horse carriage rides are just one way to make your nuptials even more special and elegant and can really help you make the entrance you’ve always wanted. Plus, the pictures you can get as a backdrop with a beautiful horse and buggy is a nice bonus.


Your Downtown Charleston Experience


Are you going to downtown Charleston, South Carolina, and want to see the area in all its glory? If so, then you want to consider horse carriage rides in Charleston SC for your convenience. You’ll get to take in all the sights and relics of the town in style and in an old-fashioned way that will delight both you and your children. For an experience you won’t soon forget when visiting this iconic area, ask about horse carriage rides and what the prices are for where you want to be taken to.


Charleston is rich with over 300 years of historical events. You’ll be sure to enjoy all this iconic and historical area has to offer with the right private horse tour.


Your Birthday/Retirement/Engagement Party


You want to throw a big party to get your event off to a great start. Whether it’s yours or someone you love’s birthday, your retirement party, or you have an engagement party — maybe it’s just prom for one of your loved ones, even — what more special way can you get your bash off to an excellent start than by taking private carriage tours with a beautiful horse and buggy? You can choose from a variety of carriages to meet your event’s style and needs best, so you can travel in style and get the VIP experience you desire.


Your Date Night


Do you want to make your date night even more special and romantic? Have you tried every other type of date out there and really want to impress someone you love? You can do this by going on a great date with a private horse tour, just you, your tour guide, and a trusty steed to take you where you and your beloved wish to go.


You can often rent your horse and carriage rides by the day, the hour, or simply by the event. When you get your ride, you’ll feel invigorated and excited and you’ll be able to really experience what your surroundings are like.

The Incredible History of Charleston

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If you have ever wondered about things to do in Charleston, a good place to start would be the history of the city. In fact, the history of Charleston is so rich, that America’s first museum was founded here in 1773. So buckle up and get ready to find out about all the things to do in Charleston. If you have a trip planned here, be sure to get the horse carriage tours in order to see and experience the most of this incredible history that you can.

Charleston, South Carolina is one of the most diverse and long lasting communities in the United States. Starting in the 1670s, Charleston was a leading city in the South from the colonial era to the Civil War. Originally, the city became wealthy through its exports of rice and sea island cotton, and attracted many wealthy individuals. After the Civil War, Charleston’s hinterland lost its regional dominance, however, it remained a hub of commerce for South Carolina. More recently, Charleston has become one of the most popular tourist destinations as it has such an incredibly rich history.


Founding and Early Growth


In 1670, Charleston, South Carolina, was gifted to the loyal followers of King Charles II. These devout men had a dream to turn the area into a royal port town, initially named “Charles Town,” after King Charles II. Within just 10 years, colonists from all over Europe and other areas were flocking to Charles Town. Not everything was rosy, however. Because France and Spain still contested the territory, Charles Town was frequently attacked by land and by sea. Even pirates laid siege to the city, with the infamous Edward Teach (known as Blackbeard) attacked in 1718 and plundered the merchant ships in the area.


Eventually the attacks subsided and by 1750 Charleston became a bustling trade center. As the hub of Atlantic trade for the southern colonies, Charleston was the largest and wealthiest city south of Philly, and soon became the fourth largest colony.


Because of it’s growing importance, Charleston became a focal point during the American Revolution. In 1776, General Henry Clinton attempted to seize Charleston with a large navy and 2,000 men. The 2nd South Carolina Regiment defeated Clinton soundly. Several more important battles were waged in the area, all of which resulted in the British being beaten back again and again. Charleston gave rise to famous men such as Francis Marion, aka the “Swampfox,” who used hit and run tactics to decimate British forces. If you are looking for things to do in Charleston, some reenactments of Revolutionary War battles might be afoot. Keep your eye open!


As the United States was formed, South Carolina (and by extension Charleston) had roots tied to the deep south. Of course, as the Antebellum and Civil War periods arose, this placed Charleston in a position of picking sides. South Carolina was the first state to cede from the Union, and in fact, some say that the first battle of the Civil War (or at least the first shots) was in Charleston as Citadel Cadets opened fire on Union ships.


All of this rich history (and more that we cannot fit in such a short article) make Charleston one of the most popular destinations in the United States. Taking a private horse tour around the city can be a great way to entrench yourself in the deep history of the area from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War and beyond.


Because of this rich history, there is never a lack of things to do in Charleston. Go to a museum. Check out historical sites. Visit our famous eateries. Get a ride around town with a local expert who can help you experience the rich history of Charleston in a way you will always remember.

Horse Carriage Etiquette: The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Horse Carriage Ride Behavior

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Charleston, SC, is a splendid vacation spot. With over 400 years of fascinating history and an average daily temperature of 65.6 degrees Fahrenheit, you can’t go wrong. Visitors to the city love to take advantage of both of these qualities via horse carriage tours; whether you’re interested in Charleston’s historic district, bustling Downtown, or spooky sites, horse tours allow you to explore each option to your heart’s desire! However, you can’t simply hop into the nearest buggy and demand that they take you where you want to go; let’s take a look at some rules of etiquette regarding horse tours that you should abide by.

  • Be respectful. This is a good standard when dealing with any business. When animals are involved, it’s all the more important to listen to your driver and follow their rules. Most horse drawn carriage tours are led by drivers well-educated on the city’s history; feel free to ask questions, but don’t interrupt or be rude. Respect the carriage as you do the person driving it; do your best not to damage your ride.
  • Don’t jump out. Carriage tours follow designated routes assigned by the city, and they are very precise in their timing. This means that you can’t deviate from your path, even if you see something in the distance that you want to check out. Jumping out is never a good idea; you could end up hurting yourself or scaring the horse in the process. If you decide you want to get off, respectfully inform your driver and they’ll find a safe place for you to do so.
  • Don’t touch the horse without permission. Though they can be quite exciting to look at and be near, the horse at the front of your carriage may not want to be touched. They are far stronger than other animals, so only your driver will be able to tell you if you can give it a little pat. Although most are fine with a little contact, you should always follow your driver’s wishes.

If you can master the above rules of etiquette, both you and your driver (and your horse!) will have a wonderful ride throughout the city. Remember, just because you’re on vacation does not give you the right to do whatever you want; these people and their animals are working, and you should treat them just as how you would like to be treated.