Five Reasons a Carriage Ride in Charleston, SC Beats Walking

There’s no better city for a casual stroll than Charleston, SC. But if you want to experience the rich history of our city while taking a load off with your family and friends, there’s no better alternative to walking than enjoying a leisurely carriage ride. Here’s why: Read more

Carriage Tours: The Best Way to Explore Historic Charleston

When you take a stroll around Charleston, the history hits you right away. From cobblestone streets to classic architecture, much of the downtown district still feels like history. There’s only one way to to squeeze as much history as you can from the Holy City. Our recommendation: try one of our horse-drawn tours for maximum comfort and enjoyment. Read more

Tours of Charleston, SC: Five Reasons to Pick a Carriage

You have a lot of options for taking tours of Charleston, SC. So out of the limitless possibilities, why should you specifically choose a carriage ride? As you might expect, we at Charleston Carriage Works have a few rather enthusiastic thoughts on the matter. Read more