Five Reasons a Carriage Ride in Charleston, SC Beats Walking

There’s no better city for a casual stroll than Charleston, SC. But if you want to experience the rich history of our city while taking a load off with your family and friends, there’s no better alternative to walking than enjoying a leisurely carriage ride. Here’s why:

You’ll get to see more of historic Charleston.

The Marquis de Lafayette was reported to have said, “Charleston is one of the best built, handsomest, and most agreeable cities that I have ever seen.”

Charleston is one of the most historic cities along the entire Atlantic seaboard—and perhaps more than any other city, it’s maintained its sense of history through the centuries.

Getting to see as much of this history as possible should be priority number one, whether you’re looking for the French quarter, the Charleston City Market, Old Charleston Jail or more. Our tour guides won’t only show you the way, but the steady, even pace of our carriage ride will ensure you enjoy your tour in comfort and get your fill of beautiful Charleston.

A carriage ride is a classic Charleston experience.

Walking provides plenty of great exercise. But most vacations already come packed with loads of walking! Instead, experience a nice break from all of your manual touring and enjoy a tour from a company rated among the top ten TripAdvisor attractions in the city. There’s a reason thousands of people take these tours every year!

Your tour will be guided by an expert.

It’s one thing to walk around with a historic map of Charleston so you can soak in as many sights as possible during your trip; it’s another thing entirely to have a tour guide point out all of the sights as you pass them.

Experiencing the history and context of all of the Charleston architecture you experience means opening yourself up to learning everything our fair city has to share. And sometimes the best way to experience that isn’t to look it up on Google; it’s to learn about it from someone who knows the city like the back of their hand.

You get to sit down!

Walking is a great idea if you need some daily exercise, but on vacations, you can get a little sick of it. Experiencing a city with blisters on your feet is no way to go about it; it’s better to sit down and let someone else do the work. Especially when so much of that work is done by…

Amazing Horses!

Walking is great and all—but you can do that at home. You’re on vacation; have a novel experience! Our draught horses are one of the most magnificent things about our carriage rides, simply because they’re so unique. When’s the next time you‘ll to see Belgian and Percheron heavy horses up close, not to mention enjoy a carriage ride pulled by these tremendous animals?

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