Carriage Tours: The Best Way to Explore Historic Charleston

When you take a stroll around Charleston, the history hits you right away. From cobblestone streets to classic architecture, much of the downtown district still feels like history. There’s only one way to to squeeze as much history as you can from the Holy City. Our recommendation: try one of our horse-drawn tours for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

Why Take a Carriage Tour to Experience History?

We’ll admit to some bias when it comes to touring our fair city. But there’s a reason review sites like TripAdvisor include us in their top ten activities to do in Charleston: our customers have a great experience touring the historic district of one of the country’s most historic cities.

Why horse-drawn carriage specifically? Here are just a few advantages:

  • You’ll have your own guide. With a guide tagging along, you’ll get to see all of the history you experience on your trip in its proper context. That means not simply walking around and taking in the sites, but understanding why each place is historic.
  • Immerse yourself in history. By exploring the city in a carriage rather than a bus or automobile, you can feel like you’re going back in time, truly immersing yourself in the history of this amazing city.
  • Exposure to a new side of Charleston. It’s possible to walk around Charleston all day and still not see every side of the city. That’s why our carriages travel specifically through zones in the historic district—to give you as much exposure to Charleston’s history as possible within the time we have together.
  • Explore they city with a big group. Our draught horses are strong enough for 16 people in each carriage. This gives you the freedom to take a big family group with you and not have to worry about splitting up.
  • Reasonable rates. It’s not always easy to experience a whole section of a city without it hurting your wallet. Our rates are only $25 for adults and $15 for children. Plus, children under two can ride for free, if they’re able to sit on someone’s lap. You can save an additional two dollars on each adult ticket by booking your tour online.

The History of Charleston, South Carolina

Since there are different zones within the historic district—and we can’t cover them all on each tour—we can’t say for certain what your group will experience on the day of the tour. One thing’s for certain though: Charleston is a city with plenty of history to go around.

Sites located within the Historic Downtown District of Charleston include:

  • The French Quarter. Located within the original city walls and dating back to before the United States was even a country.
  • Charleston City Market. Open every single day with plenty of opportunities to sample the local products.
  • Old Charleston Jail. A site that once housed the most famous criminals in Charleston.

Ready to enjoy your own horse-drawn tour through the historic district? Book your tour today with Charleston Carriage Works.