Caught in Time: A Look at South Carolina Carriage Tours

south carolina carriage tours

Charleston attracts thousands of visitors and tourists each year. Whether they arrive by car, plane, or cruise ship, this charming southern city has a unique history, a flourishing culinary scene, and the best ghost tours in the world. The South Carolina city is temperate, full of rich Southern history, and just a skip away from 90 miles of Atlantic coastline. The city is defined by its historical appearance, quaint cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, and gorgeous antebellum houses. A city trapped in time makes Charleston a target for tourists, and for good reason.

South Carolina carriage tours are an incredibly popular activity for these visiting tourists, allowing them to view a city soaked in history in a comfortable and interesting manner while absorbing the benefits a knowledgeable local tour guide. If you want to take in all the sights and sounds of this unique southern gem, then a carriage ride through Charleston, SC is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. As you stroll through the sun-filled streets past the looming palm trees, you’ll understand why Charleston has been attracting visitors for so many centuries.

Charleston was founded in 1670 as Charles Town, named after the King of England, Charles the II. The port town was vital to the United States’ history of trade and population, with the city growing to the fifth-largest city in the U.S. in a mere ten years. Charleston remained a bustling hub throughout American history, evolving into the populated tourist destination it is today.

Due to its rich history and remarkably well-preserved landmarks, houses, and streets, the city is steeped in nostalgia and draws in history buffs among the many thousands of visitors it receives each year. One of the most popular tourist activities that remains a staple of Charleston culture is horse carriage rides. The attraction is so lucrative that Charleston features several carriage companies offering tours of the city with rotating routes. These South Carolina carriage tours are governed by the city itself, to ensure that traffic does not endanger the horses or the passengers, and the carriage tours are not impeding local traffic.

Despite the competition among local companies, each carriage tour offers a unique experience. The tour guides lend a unique and fun twist to each ride, offering tidbits of information only locals know and facts about historical landmarks for those eager history buffs. Winding through the city on traditional cobblestone roads lends an air of nostalgia to the experience, recreating carriage rides that occurred thousands of times throughout Charleston’s rich history. Those who favor unusual vacation activities should consider carriage tours as a top priority. The history of the United States isn’t often as well-preserved as the city of Charleston, and travelers won’t find too many opportunities to participate in an activity that our founding fathers used regularly.