Charleston Carriage Tours: A True Southern Experience

We’ve always known that there’s something special about Charleston, but when Charleston was named the best city in the U.S. by Conde Nast Travel readers, we learned that we weren’t the only ones who thought this way. From the hotels and restaurants to the rich history and beautiful architecture, there’s nothing that quite says “southern experience” like a visit to the Holy City.

But that doesn’t mean everyone who’s come through Charleston has taken a full bite out of the Charleston experience. A brief drive or walk through the city isn’t nearly enough to absorb all that it has to offer. For that, we suggest slowing down, breathing in the fresh southern air, and riding one of our Charleston Carriage Tours—and here’s why:  

Why Take a Charleston Carriage Tour?

It’s different than a walk around a city. When you take a carriage tour with Charleston Carriage Works, you’ll have access to:

  • Narration from Charleston’s best city guides. From history to culture, our guides will tell you everything there is to know about Charleston.
  • Taking your time. The leisurely pace of a horse-drawn carriage is ideal for fully taking in what a city has to offer. You won’t have to worry about directions, traffic, or street signs—you’re simply free to take in the sites and history of each landmark.
  • Bringing a group together. When most people hear “carriage,” they imagine something that fits two or three people. But Charleston Carriage Works carriages seat up to 16 people so your entire family—and a few friends and relatives—can come along for the ride.

Choosing Charleston Carriage Works over Other Charleston Carriages

In a city as beautiful and friendly as Charleston, there’s no doubt that you’ll find others who are willing to show you around. But Charleston Carriage Works has consistently been rated not only as one of the top guided tours in our fair city; it’s one of TripAdviser’s top activities in Charleston, period.

If you ask us why, we think there’s a lot that separates us from the competition:

  • Our horses. Even-tempered, strong, and comfortable during each carriage ride, our Belgian and Percheron heavy draft horses are similar to the same horses that have been used on Charleston streets as far back as the 1600s.
  • Our tour guides. Wit and charm isn’t always easy to come by, but our tour guides handle every session with humor and grace, and they’re always happy to inform.
  • Our routes. Route selection is an art more than a science, and our routes have consistently shown each visitor a side of Charleston that they never expected to see. We make sure to fully show the historic sections of Charleston in order to give you a full experience.

If you want to see America’s most beautiful city in a way that you can enjoy and absorb in information, all while relaxing on a horse-drawn carriage, there’s no better choice: contact Charleston Carriage Works to find out how you can attend one of our very next tours.