Charleston Historic Carriage Tours

A carriage tour is a great thing. You get to sit and enjoy a leisurely pace as you experience a new city to the clip-clopping of powerful horses. But in Charleston, you might be surprised to see that this trip is about more than mere relaxation or sight-seeing: it’s also about history. Charleston historic carriage tours can be one of the best ways to learn about the Holy City’s rich and varied past!

What is the Charleston, SC Historic District?


Although you can make an argument that the city of Charleston is itself a historic district, the phrase “historic district” applies to a specific area. For out-of-towners who might not know, much of Charleston is built on a peninsula straddled by the Cooper and Ashley rivers. The heart of this peninsula, especially around Meeting Street toward the south end of the peninsula, is covered in a wide range of historic buildings, often dating back to colonial days.

You might get some disagreement about the exact borders of this historic district, but we at Charleston Carriage Works generally talk about four distinct zones in which our carriage tours venture. Since there is a lot of history to cover, you’ll generally see about a fourth of the historic district on any given tour. The specific route you take on your Charleston historic carriage tour is determined by a lottery system that is mandated by the city to help keep traffic patterns under control. This is the case with all carriage tour companies. Keep this in mind when planning your trip!

Why Historic Carriage Rides?

You might wonder what’s stopping you from creating your own tour and walking about Charleston to take in the sites. There are a few issues with this:

  • The size of the historic district. This is Charleston, after all. There are simply too many great historic sites to see. Attempting to do it all in one walking session is a sure way to get blisters.
  • The distinct historic feel of carriages is irreplaceable. There are museums and houses that are built to maintain historical accuracy—it’s just not the same if you Uber your way there.
  • Carriage rides handle big groups with ease. If you have up to 16 in your group, for example, you can take a carriage ride and keep the relatives together.
  • Horses cover more ground than you can. Don’t blame yourself—their legs are longer.

In short, taking a carriage ride might be the most authentic and convenient experience you can possibly have while you explore the history of our city.

Why Charleston Carriage Works?

Maybe you’re already sold on the idea of a Charleston historic carriage tour. But why our carriage company, in particular?

First, the quality of our horses. Our Belgian and Percheron heavy draft horses are a sight to behold in and of themselves. Second, the quality of our tours. We’re currently rated a top #15 outdoor activity in all of Charleston by TripAdviser—and that’s out of a category of hundreds! Third, convenience. It’s simple to book with us!

Book a tour with us online and you’ve already taken care of one special day on your next vacation, all in the course of just a few short minutes!