Charleston Carriage Tours: The Perfect Way to Tour Charleston

Charleston South Carolina is one of the history-rich cities in North America. You‘ll not find another city that has preserved much of its history and ancient way of life as Charleston. You’ll find pastel antebellum houses, cobblestone streets, and horse-drawn carriages in Charleston. Ultimately, one of the best ways to tour the city which is also christened The Holy City is through charleston carriage tours.

Charleston Horse Carriage Tours

Charleston, having been founded in 1670, is one of the oldest cities in North America and boasts enormous wealth that dates back to the plantation society. The mansions in the city will jog you down memory lane as they still maintain the ancient architecture. A horse carriage tour in the historic district will take you to different historic sites such as the Fort Summer, and the Charleston Museum which is America’s first museum founded in 1773.

The city attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists who are interested in America’s ancient history. Classic carriage tours are the norm in the city as they enable tourists to enjoy all the rich historic sites in the famous city of Charleston. What better way to enjoy your tour in The Holy City, than a horse-drawn carriage tour?

Why Use Horse Carriage Rides in Charleston, SC?

The city has done well to regulate the number of horse carriage tour companies so that visitors can have a smooth experience. The routes in the historic district are regulated to ensure that no single tour company dominates the best routes. As such, the city is divided into four different sections that have controlled traffic. To make it more fun and fair, the city came up with a bingo ball that determines which route you’ll take. Before your carriage tour begins, your tour guide will spin the bingo ball, and luck decides which route you’ll tour.

Best Time for Charleston Carriage Tours

During summer, spring and fall, you’re better off booking the morning classic carriage tours. The sun in Charleston may be extremely hot in the afternoon especially during summer. While the carriage may protect you from the scorching sun, it’s not the same for the horses or mules pulling your carriage. To keep the horses and mules healthy, your tour guide may stop the tour for a while so that the animals can refresh and rejuvenate. Charleston city ensures that all tour companies take care of their horses and mules.

Should You Book Ahead to Enjoy Charleston Horse Tours?

Depending on the season, it might be wise to book ahead, although it’s not entirely mandatory. Most tourists visit Charleston city during the weekends and the holiday season. Therefore, you may want to book earlier if you plan to tour Charleston on a holiday or weekend. However, there are enough carriage tour companies to go by, and it’s unlikely that you’ll miss a carriage tour if you fail to book early.

Amazing Tour Guides in Charleston

Charleston’s tour guides are some of the most knowledgeable and hospitable guides you’ll find around. The tour guides of The Holy City do their jobs out of passion. With some having been born and bred in Charleston city, they know the city’s history more comprehensively. Every historic site in the city has a story behind it. Your tour guide will be more than glad to share the stories, events, and sites that shaped the history of the rich city of Charleston. The best tour guides will not only keep you informed all through the tour but also keep you smiling, thanks to their natural charisma.

When you tour Charleston you want nothing less than classic carriage tours. It feels special to tour a historic district using horse-drawn carriages. You get to see some of the historic sites such as Fort Sumter that not only shaped the history of North America but also influenced the World’s history. If you’re planning to visit Charleston, engage one of the leading providers of carriage tours in Charleston.