Covid-19 Safety

We share your concerns about health and safety during the pandemic. We are making a concerted effort to do our part to make your tour with us not only great, but as safe as possible. It is important for us that you know the steps we are taking to mitigate the risks to you as well as to ourselves.  We can make sure that you enjoy your tour while we each do our part to be considerate and prudent.  Specifically, our efforts are focused on masks, Single Family / Private Tours, reduced capacity, hand sanitizer, and surface disinfection.


We require everyone on our tours to wear a mask or face covering for the entire time you are with us.  Masks or face coverings with vents or similar openings are not acceptable. If you do not have a mask, or if you need a better one for your tour, we will happily provide you with a CE rated FFP2 mask.  The City of Charleston has a citywide mask ordinance and requires masks in all public spaces and even while just walking around.  You can view a pdf of the ordinance (in a new tab) here. We know that there can be circumstances where some people are not able to wear a mask or wear a mask for an entire hour.  If that applies to you, we completely understand but will not be able to accommodate you on our tours.  If you book a tour with us, you are committing to wearing, and will be required to wear, a mask the entire time you are with us.  We will each value and respect each other’s safety and health (and follow the law).

Single Family Tours

We offer affordable Single Family Tours as an option for customers who may prefer having the entire carriage to themselves.  This is a great choice for families/groups and in many cases can be less expensive than our regular tours.  For more information on our Single Family tours, click here.

Reduced Capacity

Our carriages can seat as many as 16 passengers.  Currently, we are not seating people in our very front rows (where the driver stands) and are leaving them empty UNLESS people request to be seated there.  Many of our carriages go out with 12 people as a result.  If you make a reservation, we will not seat you in the front row with our driver but there may be people in that row if they specifically ask us to sit there.

Hand Sanitizer

Our staff is always equipped with and using hand sanitizer.  Additionally, when you book a tour with us, we will give you a free 2oz bottle of FDA approved formula hand sanitizer at check-in (adult passengers only).  The hand sanitizer is 80% ethanol by volume and meets or exceeds CDC and WHO recommendations for SARS-Cov-2 (coronavirus).  It is yours to keep and use to stay safe both when you are with us and while you are visiting Charleston.

Surface Disinfection

We are going beyond sanitizing our carriages and work surfaces and are taking it to the higher level of disinfecting them.  Every carriage is fully disinfected after/before every tour without exception.  Every surface that either customers or employees touch, including credit card terminals, loading steps, benches and countertops is disinfected.  We use a food-contact safe disinfectant that is one of only a few products that is labeled specifically to kill SARS associated coronavirus.

Our goal is to help you stay as safe as possible during your visit. By providing CE rated masks, personal hand sanitizer, and disinfected surfaces we hope you recognize our serious commitment to your health and safety during your visit.