Debunking 3 Common Myths About Horse Drawn Carriage Rides

carriage rides

When it comes to horse carriage rides, many people have a misinformed idea that they’re somehow cruel or inhumane. In reality, classic carriage tours and horse and buggy rides are a fun and exciting way to see the best sights of a new city. Here are some common myths about carriage rides.

  1. Myth: Horses’ behavior is unpredictable, and horses can get spooked at anytime.
    It is a fact that horses can get spooked, but the horses used for carriage rides are extremely well-trained horses that can easily adapt to almost any environment. Even in loud cities with a ton of traffic, sirens, yelling people, and other noise pollution, you can rest assured that the horse leading your carriage has been fully trained by a professional. Noises that may cause ordinary horses to bolt in fear are no big deal to a well-trained carriage horse.
  2. Myth: Carriage horses are forced to perform regardless of weather conditions.
    It may seem like horses get cold when out in the snow or rain, but you’d be surprised at how well these animals can adapt to weather conditions. Mother Nature has equipped horses with the amazing ability to grow and extra layer of thick fur to keep them warm throughout the winter.
    Then, when spring arrives, horses not only shed their extra fur but have the ability to sweat to keep them cool. It’s also important to note that most professional carriage tour companies have strict regulations in place to prevent horses from having to work in extreme temperatures.
  3. Myth: Carriage horses are forced to work to the point of exhaustion.
    This myth could not be further from the truth. Horses are generally able to pull two to three times their body weight on wheels, and while the average horse weighs between 1,200-1,800 pounds, carriage loads generally do not exceed 1,000 pounds. Even when it’s fully loaded, a carriage is easy for a horse to pull because of its wheels. On top of that, the numbers of hours in a row that horses are allowed to work is highly regulated by the city.

Ultimately, it’s important to be aware of these myths, because they could be keeping you from experiencing a unique and old-fashioned method of transportation. One out of nine U.S. jobs depend on travel and tourism, so do your part and book a carriage ride today! For more information about horse drawn carriage rides, contact Charleston Carriage Works.