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Downtown Charleston Carriage Tours


Charleston, South Carolina

There’s a reason that cruise ships from all over the world dock at the Port of Charleston, just minutes away from the Historic Charleston City Market and the picturesque mansions that line Battery Street. Few places on earth combine old-world charm and modern delights the way Charleston does. Though it’s one of the oldest cities in the South, it’s also home to world-class contemporary cuisine and shopping districts.

a man riding a horse drawn carriage on a city street

What’s the best way to discover the cobblestone streets of Charleston?

Charleston horse carriage tours are one of the most popular sightseeing methods for tourists, but only Charleston Carriage Works can consistently deliver an enjoyable experience with a friendly and knowledgeable local tour guide. Our Charleston horse tours offer rides with varying routes, allowing you to broaden your horizons and see the very best features of this unique city.

Each tour last approximately 1-hour and the route is selected at random, by participating in the oldest lottery system in South Carolina. You can learn more about our routes here: