Here Are The 2 Biggest Ways Traveling Makes People Happier

horse carriage toursIt’s no secret that traveling is one of America’s favorite activities. In fact, 37% of families say that vacations make them happy, making it the activity that makes families most happy. And even though you can make a million excuses to not take a vacation — the timing isn’t right, you’re too busy at work, you can’t afford it, etc. — traveling is proven to be greatly beneficial for both physical and emotional well-being. Here are two of the biggest ways traveling can actually make people happier.

  1. Enhances appreciation:
    It may seem a bit cliche, but many vacationers would argue that finally returning home and settling in after being away for even a few days is one of the most comforting aspects of the overall traveling experience. Going away simply helps us appreciate the things and people waiting for us back at home. Even if you’re returning from the most memorable vacation of your life, there’s a unique yet comforting sense of pleasure that comes with pulling into the driveway and walking back into the familiarity and privacy of your own home.
  2. Improves confidence:
    Some of the most frequent travelers are also the most confident. Even if you’re traveling with a group, stepping foot onto an airplane or getting way out of your comfort zone can seem incredibly daunting. However, getting out of your comfort zone is necessary for growth and self-improvement. If you travel frequently enough, you’ll probably get used to traveling alone, even on longer excursions. The sense of freedom and confidence that comes with having that ability is incomparable to many other types of personal fulfillment.

Ultimately, appreciation and confidence are two important qualities that can be gleaned from frequent traveling. If you’re struggling to decide on a destination, consider the scenic and historic city of Charleston, which earned the number one spot on Travel and Leisure Magazine’s “World’s Best Cities” list in 2016 and offers the best carriage tours. Horse carriage tours are just one of the many activities Charleston has to offer. Classic carriage tours of Charleston are famous for stopping at the most historic landmarks. For more information about horse carriage tours, contact Charleston Carriage Works.