History and Horses in Charleston

If our horses could talk, Charleston Carriage Works would be the most remarkable guided tour in the world. Alas, we must settle for our friendly human tour guides who have deep knowledge of history, plus a sense of humor and a vast love of Charleston to share with our guests.

So, we wish you a warm welcome as you climb aboard the carriage for a guided 60 minutes getting to know more about why Charleston, South Carolina is known as “The Cradle of Southern History and Charm.”

Handsome Percheron Horses

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We’re pleased to introduce Elwood, Berry, Kevin, Carson, Jake and Bill. We think our big, handsome Percheron draft horses are the best looking – and best looked after – in the city.

Percherons are proud, intelligent and heavily muscled horses, unusually powerful rugged horses that typically weigh in around a thousand pounds. From the Middle Ages in western France, this ancient breed has been particularly prized and bestowed with affectionate attention. “Their docility, growing out of their intimate human relationship, is therefore an inborn trait, “ wrote expert Alvin Saunders a century ago. According to the Percheron Horse Association of America, these wonderful animals have the strength to haul heavy loads and the graceful style to pull a fine carriage.

Unfortunately, you won’t have the chance meet the entire Charleston Carriage Works livery team, because the horses are rotated every six weeks to spend time in the permanent stables in the countryside.

Captivating Historians

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One of the best things about seeing Charleston’s Historic District from a horse-drawn carriage is the slow paced clippety-clop. Happily, it forces folks to slow down, forget the 21st century for a little while and enjoy a closer, longer look at Charleston’s charming residential gems. Some of the best treasures in the city are tucked away behind pretty garden gates, and we’ll be sure point them out along with Charleston’s other secret hideaways.

While steering the carriage through the streets of Charleston, your guide will provide insights into the role the city and how the people played a large part in the story of our nation. Your local guide will be extremely well versed on city’s history, sharing true Civil War stories and providing insights right through the 21st century.

It’s not all about naval movements and battlefields; there’s time to talk about Charleston’s unique cuisine, antebellum customs, landmarks, churches, graceful homes and manicured gardens.

The most experienced tour guides in the city are our experts in our fascinating local history, and are happy to answer any questions about Charleston. Our tours end at the Charleston Carriage Works Old Brick Barn on Guignard Street, which is only a five-minute walk from the famous historic city market. That way, once the tour is over, visitors are only a short block away from exploring more of everything Charleston has to offer.