See the Real Charleston In A Horse Drawn Carriage Tour

It’s always fun and exciting to visit a new city. There are so many sites to see and so many places to explore. Traveling opens a whole new world, and it expands our personal horizons. If you are lucky enough to be planning a trip to a new city for the first time in the future, like Charleston, South Carolina, here’s a list of suggestions for some new and fun things to do!

Try a Charleston Horse Drawn Carriage Tour

Buggy rides, carriage tours, horse carriage tours… Call it what you want. But there is probably nothing more romantic or enjoyable than the experience of a horse drawn carriage tour. Visiting a new city, like Charleston, South Carolina, you will be amazed at how it comes alive from the perspective of a horse drawn carriage tour. Classic carriage tours can be arranged ahead of time in Charleston to avoid waiting. A carriage tour goes at a great pace and is comfortable, saving wear and tear on your feet, legs and back. History, architecture, and culture will all be at your fingertips! And, you will make the acquaintance of a very friendly resident of Charleston — your carriage horse. Very importantly, let’s not forget romance. An evening carriage tour in Charleston would be ideal for celebrating an anniversary…or perhaps, even for popping the question!

Try a Local Charleston Market

Nothing will give you the feel for a new city like a visit to a local market. For instance, when you go to the Charleston farmers market in Charleston South Carolina, you will find fresh local products. It is open on Saturdays and also offers a delicious brunch on Sundays. Also visit the fish market, and the Charleston flower market, where you are bound to find people who have been working in the industries for years. They will be a great source of history about the city. And you can find great souvenirs at both places, too!

Try a Charleston Boat Tour

What a fabulous way to see a new city! Many major cities on the water now offer boat tours. This gives their visitors a completely different perspective of their city. For instance, with 90 miles of Atlantic Coastline, Charleston, South Carolina is an excellent city to enjoy from the water. Here, visitors actually see how the city looks today and can hear about the history of the city while imagining what it looked like in early American times.

Try a Charleston Walking Tour

Hands down – (or feet down as it may be) – one of the most exciting ways to see a new city is to explore it by foot. For starters, visit the local tourist center or the concierge at the hotel where you are staying. Here, you will probably be able to find lots of materials to help you plan your tour. Maps, charts, scheduled activities, and in particular, points of interest we’ll all be highlighted and you can decide to see what interests you most. It’s also a good idea to speak to as many people as possible just to be sure you don’t miss any of the city’s important sites.

Try a Charleston Food Tour

Experiencing a food tour in a new city will definitely give you the flavor of the town you are exploring! In Charleston, South Carolina, be prepared for delicious crab soup, shrimp, cornbread, and grits! Many hotels will arrange afternoon tastings and extravaganzas to celebrate regional specialties. In addition, wineries also welcome visitors and will share samples of wines that are special to that location.

Recap: Take A Horse Drawn Carriage Tour

Of all your options when visiting a new city, probably a horse drawn carriage tour like the one you would find in Charleston, South Carolina would be the most original and fun! From history to horses, there really is something for everyone. And even if you are not visiting a new city for the very first time, you could try some of these ideas in your own hometown. There is always something new to discover. Just make sure that you take lots of pictures and videos, and bring home plenty of souvenirs!