Spruce Up Your Vacation with Charleston’s Horse and Buggy Tours

Charleston is one of the best tourist destinations in the US, with over 300 years of rich history to explore. With nearly 4.5 million tourists visiting the city annually, visitors and locals alike experience the splendor of ‘Chucktown’ through its signature horse and buggy tours. The horse carriage rides snake through centuries-old homes to pristine historical attractions that make up for a perfect holiday. Here are seven interesting things you need to know about your Charleston horse and buggy tours:

1. Random Routes Determined Upon Departure

Charleston’s historic district is too vast to cover in one classic carriage ride. The City of Charleston divides the area into four sections, where the route to take is determined via a bingo ball draw. The luck of your draw takes you through exciting and fascinating historical attractions. Shortly after you board, the tour guide will make a quick stop at the across the market to determine the route.

2. Each Ride is a Unique Experience

No two horse and buggy tours in Charleston are alike. Even when you take the same route twice, the experience will be different from the first. The conversations and narrations by the guides are unscripted, promising a unique adventure every time you board.

3. Experienced Certified Guides to Take You Around

The different Charleston horse tour companies employ witty guides that share their secrets and stories of the beautiful culture of the Holy City. Charleston Carriage Works only hires certified guides that take an exhaustive certification process that proves their knowledge of the city.

4. Book Early In the Day

It would be best if you reserved your one-hour horse carriage ride for morning hours. The afternoon sun in South Carolina can be scorching and uncomfortably hot. Charleston has an average daily temperature of 65.6 degrees Fahrenheit, which can rise to 98 degrees in the summer heat. The carriage rides may have to be halted under the hot sun to protect the health of the animals.

5. Expect Some Mule Teams

Belgian and Percheron draft horses have long been part of Charleston’s rich history, and are still used to pull the horse carriages around the cobblestone streets. However, your carriage may be drawn by a team of strong mules that also have a special place in the traditions of the city.

6. Rich Charleston Culture to Explore

With over 340 years of history to soak in, the city is littered with incredible sceneries to visit during your vacation. The different zones and buggy tours take you past many of the iconic sights within Charleston. You get to experience it all in an hour’s ride, from the Soaring cathedral steeples to beautiful old-fashioned vistas lining the streets.

7. Get to Meet the Horses

Your fun doesn’t have to end with a trip around the city. You may decide to meet the horses and pet them. You get to learn more about these strong and powerful companions that shaped the history of Charleston for centuries. Make the horses the stars of the show with a little attention and affection.

There is no better way to experience the beauty of Charleston than on horse and buggy tours. The Charleston carriage rides make your trip around the city truly authentic through the stewardship of experienced guides. For more information on Charleston buggy rides, visit our website today.