The City of Charleston

For centuries, Charleston, SC has been a hub of culture, class, charm, and national history. The British settled here in 1670 and quickly established the area as one of the most important cities in America. As years passed, Charleston has thrived and evolved while keeping her unique personality.

Charleston has it all: A beautiful harbor as rich in history as it is rich in breathtaking vistas, centuries old homes kept in pristine condition by their proud residents, cobblestone streets, one-of-a-kind shops and vendors, and much more. We’d love to introduce this wonderful city to you with an authentic Carriage Tour experience that is as classic and unique as the city herself.

Downtown Charleston is a coastal metropolitan destination with countless things to see and do. Explore the boutique retail shops on King Street, visit one of over 60 beautiful churches throughout the city and then sit down to a world-class dinner on East Bay Street. Whether you’re looking for history, nightlife, sports, live entertainment or shopping, Charleston has it all and more!
With over 340 years of history, every street has a spectacular story to tell. Charleston, South Carolina was settled by English colonists in 1670 and quickly became a wealthy, prosperous destination due to its proximity to the sea. The climate and terrain was ideal for cultivating rice, cotton and indigo, making it a major hub for plantation production. The Civil War began right here at nearby Fort Sumter with the firing of a single Confederate bullet. After the war, the city chose to restore their beautiful landscape instead of rebuild. This left us with gorgeous architecture, an authentic charm and the stunning remnants of the past throughout Downtown and all around the Charleston area. By the early 1900’s, Charleston’s reliance on agriculture decreased as trade and industry rapidly pushed progress forward. Today, nearly 4.5 million tourists visit the city annually to experience its historic splendor for themselves. There’s no better way to experience the rich history of Charleston, SC than an immersive carriage ride experience.
They don’t call Charleston the capital of manners for no reason, y’all. Here, we are known for our unique culture blending traditional Southern, English, French and West African influences. Downtown, specifically, has gained a global reputation for art, music, local cuisine and fashion. Ask your carriage tour guide about the great things the Holy City has to offer.

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