Tours of Charleston, SC: Five Reasons to Pick a Carriage

You have a lot of options for taking tours of Charleston, SC. So out of the limitless possibilities, why should you specifically choose a carriage ride? As you might expect, we at Charleston Carriage Works have a few rather enthusiastic thoughts on the matter.

Reason #1: The leisurely pace.

Vacations are all hustle and bustle, A to B, get here on time, get home on time. Very few people stop to smell the roses while they’re actually on vacation. And when taking tours of Charleston, SC, you’ll want to be able to experience the city at a more relaxed pace. That’s what a carriage ride will do for you. Not only will the relaxed, steady pace of the horse-drawn carriage give your tour guide time to explain a little bit about our city, but you’ll actually get to sightsee without zipping by each and every landmark.

Reason #2: Bring the whole family.

If you’re traveling with a large group, it’s hard to find activities you can all do together. Even finding a table for lunch can feel like a Sisyphean ordeal. Sign up for one of our Charleston carriage tours, however, and you’ll discover that each one of our carriages can seat up to 16 people. That’s essentially a “party bus” capacity. This doesn’t only give you a chance to take on an activity that your extended family can do together, but gives everyone a chance to bond.

Reason #3: The price is right.

Since each carriage ride lasts about an hour, you’ll get plenty of leisure and relaxation on your carriage ride—and you won’t have to pay through the nose for the privilege, either. With rates at $25 for adults and $15 for children, there are a lot more expensive ways you can experience Charleston. But since we’re one of the top 10 experiences in Charleston, according to TripAdvisor, you’ll be happy to know you’re getting a bargain.

Reason #4: We’ve got horses.

Animal lovers know there’s no better way to travel than with a strong, happy, healthy horse as your guide. We even have a whole section on our website about our draught horses so you can learn more about the Belgian and Percheron heavy draft horses that make our tours possible. These horses are more than a modern day curiosity; horses have walked the streets of Charleston since the 1600s, and we’re intent on keeping that tradition alive.

Reason #5: The history.

Charleston’s Historic District is big—so big that any one tour can’t possibly handle it all. But we divide this district into four zones so that you can experience as much of the history of Charleston, SC as possible. And there’s more than enough to go around. With an experienced guide giving you the proper context, you’ll be able to enjoy sightseeing on a new level.

Are five reasons enough? Great! Then be sure to book your tour in advance and be a half an hour before your carriage ride is ready to depart in order to ensure the smoothest possible experience.