Two Meeting Street Inn: South Carolina’s Romantic History


The history of Charleston, South Carolina includes many important footnotes in major American wars, dating back to America’s founding days and beyond. But there’s another side to Charleston’s history that people often forget, which can be found at Two Meeting Street Inn. This historic bed and breakfast, found at the corners of Meeting Street and South Battery, has been called the “Jewel in the crown of Charleston Bed and Breakfast Hotels.” Here are just a few reasons why.

The Origins of Two Meeting Street Inn

The legend of 2 Meeting Street Inn goes like this: Waring Carrington experienced “love at first sight” when he laid eyes on Martha Williams. Carrington was a late-1800s jeweler, and the two quickly fell in love, eventually getting married in 1890.

Here’s where the story turns extraordinary: Martha Williams came from a wealthy family, so her father’s wedding gift to the couple was a $75,000 check to be used in the purchase of a home at Meeting Street and South Battery. The site became what is known today as the Two Meeting Street Inn. This lovely historic Charleston home was eventually purchased by the Minnie Carr family in the 1940s and was subsequently turned into a guest house. That tradition remains alive to this day, with the owners renting out nine guestrooms, each of which is a sure step above the usual bed and breakfast fare.

It’s rare to find a historic site in Charleston, SC that isn’t already a museum. Just like a Charleston carriage ride, the Two Meeting Street Inn brings the past into the present, allowing visitors to our fair city to experience life like it might have been in the old days. Today’s guests at the inn can go and enjoy the site for themselves, experiencing a bit of what life was like in Charleston dating back to the 19th century.

Two Meeting Street Today

One visit to this charming site is all you need to see why it is so often associated with the romantic side of South Carolina history. Not only is the site itself beautiful, with a largely white exterior and old-fashioned South Carolina architecture, but the inside is just as well-kept. In all, it’s a luxurious bed and breakfast experience by any standard, made even more notable by the rich history of Charleston.

The site has been called one of the most photographed locations in the entire south, and for good reason. For those of you fortunate enough to catch a carriage ride through this area of Charleston’s historic district, you’ll definitely want to have your cameras armed and at the ready.

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