When’s the Best Occasion for a Carriage Ride?

horse carriage rides

Do you want to take horse carriage rides? If you do, then know that there are companies who offer horse carriage rides that are both fun and engaging and can be done during a variety of occasions. What occasion is best for a horse drawn carriage ride or tour? While you can take one at any time, here are some suggestions for this type of activity to consider.


Your Wedding/Wedding Ceremony


Are you getting married anytime soon? If you are, then you want to make an entrance on your big day. Horse carriage rides are just one way to make your nuptials even more special and elegant and can really help you make the entrance you’ve always wanted. Plus, the pictures you can get as a backdrop with a beautiful horse and buggy is a nice bonus.


Your Downtown Charleston Experience


Are you going to downtown Charleston, South Carolina, and want to see the area in all its glory? If so, then you want to consider horse carriage rides in Charleston SC for your convenience. You’ll get to take in all the sights and relics of the town in style and in an old-fashioned way that will delight both you and your children. For an experience you won’t soon forget when visiting this iconic area, ask about horse carriage rides and what the prices are for where you want to be taken to.


Charleston is rich with over 300 years of historical events. You’ll be sure to enjoy all this iconic and historical area has to offer with the right private horse tour.


Your Birthday/Retirement/Engagement Party


You want to throw a big party to get your event off to a great start. Whether it’s yours or someone you love’s birthday, your retirement party, or you have an engagement party — maybe it’s just prom for one of your loved ones, even — what more special way can you get your bash off to an excellent start than by taking private carriage tours with a beautiful horse and buggy? You can choose from a variety of carriages to meet your event’s style and needs best, so you can travel in style and get the VIP experience you desire.


Your Date Night


Do you want to make your date night even more special and romantic? Have you tried every other type of date out there and really want to impress someone you love? You can do this by going on a great date with a private horse tour, just you, your tour guide, and a trusty steed to take you where you and your beloved wish to go.


You can often rent your horse and carriage rides by the day, the hour, or simply by the event. When you get your ride, you’ll feel invigorated and excited and you’ll be able to really experience what your surroundings are like.