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Horse & Carriage Tours in Charleston, SC – See the City the Way it was Meant to be Seen

a person riding on the back of a brown horse

Are you planning a trip to Charleston, SC this summer and looking for the best ways to see the city? Consider taking a horse & carriage historic tour, where you’ll be immersed into picturesque Downtown and have the opportunity to learn about its rich history along the way.

Historic Horse & Carriage Rides in Charleston, SC

The best way to immerse yourself into the Charleston cultural scene is by taking a horse and carriage ride. Charleston Carriage Works offers two two types of tours: the classic daytime tour is one hour long and allows passengers to experience the true historic charm of Downtown Charleston. The haunted history tour, on the other hand, is CCW’s evening ride featuring the darker stories of Charleston’s past, allowing guests the opportunity to experience the spooky side of the Holy City. Either way, it’s hard to go wrong. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, both tours are an excellent option to explore Charleston.

Charleston Carriage Works offers a daytime carriage tour as well as a tour in the evening. Depending on your preference, you can experience a traditional historic tour of the city, or be immersed into the sinister side of Charleston, learning about all of its alleged hauntings over time. The daytime tour speaks to those who would like a broader historic angle, while the evening tour is a bit more dark, offering those interested a peek into some of the sites known for their spooky stories. We offer public and private tours both during the day and in the evening. Our public carriages hold up to 16 passengers while our privates can handle either up to four or up to eight passengers. Pricing varies by season and can be explored by clicking here.

Depending on the purpose of your visit, you might prefer one of these carriage tours over another. For example, we often see bachelorette parties traveling on our private wagonette, which holds up to eight passengers, on a tour before or after their downtown dinner reservations. A couple on a romantic evening on the town might prefer the vis-a-vis carriage option, which comfortably seats up to four, but is just as perfect for a duo. A bigger group might look into booking all 16 seats on our pubic daytime or evening carriage. Whatever the occasion, we would be glad to help you explore Charleston on one of our carriage tours.

Finally, if you are planning a visit to Charleston and are interested in combining your carriage ticket with another tour in town (e.g. Fort Sumter, a home on the High Battery, a plantation, etc.) consider booking two tours at a discount by clicking here. We look forward to showing you around town soon!

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